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Top 10 Card Games

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Tom, Sam, and Zee take us through their top 10 card games.

00:00 – Introduction
05:15 – Sam’s #10
07:29 – Tom’s #10
09:36 – Zee’s #10
11:34 – Tom’s #9
12:45 – Zee’s #9
15:38 – Sam’s #9
17:04 – Zee’s #8
19:35 – Sam’s #8
20:59 – Tom’s #8
22:39 – Zee’s #7
23:09 – Tom’s #7
25:01 – Sam’s #7
26:27 – Tom’s #6
28:39 – Sam’s #6
31:02 – Zee’s #6
32:27 – Sam’s #5
34:24 – Zee’s #5
36:46 – Tom’s #5
38:18 – Sam’s #4
41:28 – Tom’s #4
42:54 – Zee’s #4
45:14 – Tom’s #3
45:39 – Zee’s #3
47:37 – Sam’s #3
49:11 – Zee’s #2
52:22 – Sam’s #2
53:33 – Tom’s #2
55:54 – Sam’s #1
57:20 – Tom’s #1
58:41 – Zee’s #1

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  1. I've never played Fairy Tale, 7 Wonders, or 7 Wonders: Duel. Which ONE would you suggest if I could only purchase one? Is there a reason to own more than one of those?

  2. The banter in this one was funny ! It always is, but this was worth a mention 🙂 Cheers.

  3. Hanabi would've worked well. I love that game ^^

  4. I think it would be a good idea to make a video about playing card games. You bringing up wanting a low score like golf made me think of the card game golf which is I played the heck out of when I was a kid. I know it is not what your channel does but just a thought.
    Love your channel.

  5. I liked Zee's concept for the card games! Thanks

  6. 1. Citadels – a gateway I still love to play
    2. 7 Wonders – some depth.,no downtime, scales ok
    3. Apples to Apples – party game for laughs
    4. Medici – the board is just for scoring. Excellent pure auction game.
    5. For Sale – Fast tense mind reading
    6. Biblios – reading probabilities and players. cutting losses
    7. Fairy Tale – super short drafting fun
    8. 500 – Australia's favourite trick taking game
    9. Cribbage – quick traditional card game
    10. Codenames – team think word game

  7. Oooh I just noticed the clock has only 10 numbers!!! Whyyyy! 😱

  8. I was really hoping to see Magic The Gathering and Lord of the Rings the card game.

  9. Friendly advice: put the titles in the description, 1 hour is a little too long 😉
    Anyways, keep up the good work!

  10. I like the top ten lists, but if you are running low on ideas … how about a top 10 chess variant games. There seems to be quite a few of them out there these days. Just kidding, however, a contest might prove interesting. Pick a solid yet not too complicated abstract game from history, like Ludus Latrunculorum or Nine-Man Morris, and give fans 30-days to paste a new theme on the game. Each entry must be 30-words or less. Most entries can then be sorted into piles of common themes, but some will be original. Then Tom, Sam and Zee can pick the ones they like best. The Roman game Ludus latrunculorum actually did have a theme of people mugging each other on the street, hence the name (“the game of brigands”, from latrunculus, diminutive of latro, mercenary or highwayman), however, the earlier Greek version of the game referred to the board as a 'city' and the pieces as 'dogs,' but it might be interesting to see how it's explained in a modern context.

  11. I figured someone would have mentioned Red7 on their list…the un-Uno.

  12. Hmmmm… card games… Condotierre, MTG, War by Fantasy Flight, The Gristle, aren't you guys ok with that??? Just curious…

  13. Jaipur, Friday, SET, Guillotine, Lord of The Rings – The Adventure Deck, Space Pioneers (New) – all not mentioned but worth the buy.

  14. Mamma Mia! hard to teach? We've taught that game to each of my kids when they 8 years old, and also to my 80 year old aunt. It's not difficult to get.

  15. My rules for this would be games where the main mechanism in play is where you have a hand of cards and choose which one or ones to play. This does not include drafting games where you choose which one to keep and then pass the rest. This also eliminates games like Coup where you have cards but those cards aren't played exactly also Sheriff of Nottingham where the cards are used but not "played" and the focus of the game is the bluffing etc. So mine are essentially mostly the ones Tom Excluded, CCGs, LCGs, Deck Builders and a few others.

    10 Netrunner
    9. Call of Cthulhu LCG
    8. Warmachine/Hordes High Command
    7. Legendary Encounters
    6. Arctic Scavengers
    5. Dominion
    4. Marvel Legendary
    3. Smash Up
    2. DC Deck Builder
    1. Star Wars LCG

    I'm going to start playing Game of Thrones LCG 2.0 soon so that might jump somewhere onto this list.

  16. Nevermore, Dale of Merchants, or Ninja Camp maybe?

  17. Hey Zee, play Aquasphere with your neighbors bro. They'll love it 😛

  18. Kind of disappointed that Sam didn't include "The Hell of Stalingrad", or more RPG's that were card games. There are games like "Condotierre", "The Grizzled", "Bear Valley" that are also entertaining.

  19. Sam tries to be the grammar Nazi when Tom says "sequel to the second", but Sam has already said "disclude", which is not a word, in his introduction; and he called Zee's sentence (about his number one game) a "phrase". I'm just saying.

  20. I bought Onirim a couple of days ago after watching a couple of Zee's comments on it, it is pretty enjoyable. The art is very pretty. The base game is fun, but the one I bought includes expansions. The game looks pretty interesting with the expansions.

  21. We call 6 Nimmt 'Take 5' and You're Bluffing is 'Koehandel'(cowtrade). The Netherlands.

  22. No Fluxx, Love Letter, Gloom, Sushi Go, Chrononauts or Seven Dragons?

  23. All the game groups I have played Smash Up! with have hated it. It has a huge downtime play because sometimes a player turn can take up to 5 minutes.

  24. Can anybody tell my why there is no Love Letter on this list? It's way better than most of these games. It has enough deduction, bluff, randomness, fun, counting cards, figuring out your opponents' cards, etc. to make it one of the best small card games ever. It's light enough for beginners and deep enough for experienced players. I play a lot of heavy games and can easily call myself sort of a geek but I adore Love Letter. And you guys never mention it.

  25. I want to see the list that involves card games like Royal Goods, Port Royal, Witch's Brew, Adlung-Spiel games – Top 10 card games with depth.

  26. You guys excluded all the games I wanted to hear about. How about a top 10 LCG/CCG/ECG list?

  27. I would like to see Zee's top 228 card games list!

  28. I'm curious what a top 10 traditional playing card games list would look like. Basically any card game based on the standard 52 card deck (or multiple decks).

  29. 1. Coup
    3. Love Letters

    All get rotation on my game night , and we play coup for money lol

  30. Maybe stick to card games that are still in print? Or make two lists 😉

  31. I thought boss monster was pretty cool. Does anyone like or dislike that game?

  32. tbh I'm mainly watching this for Zee since he plays so many card games

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