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Top 10 Card Games of all time

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It’s time for another Top 10 list, and today, we are taking a look at our top 10 card games of all time.

Making this list was fun as always, but it was also a kind of hard one to make, especially because the definition of card game is kind of hard to grasp.

We hope you’ll enjoy this list! What is your favorite card games? Let us know in the comments!

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9: 03:55
8: 06:04
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  1. 😱 where’s marvel champions?. 😢 it’s one you use play more too.

  2. Another great video from these "2 random norwegian people". Thank you! I'll take a new look at Mystic Vale and The Crew. Maybe you'll be responsible for 2 new games to my collection because there's no such thing as having too many games, right?

  3. Great video! A little surprised Love Letter didn't make this list.

  4. Bridge, Cribbage, Piquet, Gin Rummy 😉

  5. Great list but surprised no Capital Lux 2 Generations. Fantastic card game for 2,3 and 4. Thanks and Cheers!

  6. My top card games:
    1. Sentinels of the Multiverse (any variation)
    2. Sidereal Confluence
    3. Aeon's End
    4. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game LCG (I use static decks)
    5. The Crew
    6. Marvel Champions LCG (6 and 7 can be swapped depending on the day of the week)
    7. The Lord of the Rings LCG
    8. Quests of Valeria
    9. Sushi Go Party!
    10. Apex Theropod Deck-Building Game

    I didn't count wingspan because of all the extra components but if I was counting it Wingspan would have been in my 1st spot.

  7. Oh great, now I have to go and buy Mystic Vale. 😉

  8. 1)Innovation
    2) star realms
    3) Scout
    4) Res Arcana
    5)San Juan
    6) Quests of Valleria
    7) For Sale
    8) 6 Nift (spelling)
    9) love letter
    10) Birds of a feather

  9. Oh, I like these two random Norwegian people!

  10. Love Scout, Hanamikoji, Wingspan, and Earth! Try out Cat in the Box if you havent, one of my new favorites!

  11. Arkham Horror LCG is very easily available to buy, especially with the new publishing format.

  12. Such a great list! Here has been my intro to card games, in order that I was introduced to them

    1. Jaipur
    2. 7 Wonders
    3. Dominion
    4. Air, Land, and Sea
    5. Arboretum
    6. Battle Line
    7. The Crew

    I love all of them and on top of actually playing those I have a copy of The Bloody Inn and Scout and I need to get my gaming partners to all us to get those to the table (they like to stick to the same games).

    I have become more and more of a Knizia fan so I want to try Lost Cities as well. It is a game that at first I thought looked to "basic" and themeless but now I am all in on small box, themeless games so I need to give it a shot.

    Personally I would have to put Dominion WITH Intrigue, Seaside, and Prosperity expansions on the list as well but that's just me.

  13. Nice mix of games here 🙂

    I am not sure about the order, but some of my favourite card games that come to mind:
    MtG, Race for the Galaxy, Imperium (Classics and Legends), CABO, Ruthless and good old Skat.

  14. Hmmm….
    Your definition of card games is much different than mine!

  15. Great video as always. Highly recommend Capital Lux 2: Generations

  16. Ooo nice list! Arkham looks like a fun and lighter game to play after i finish pandemic legacy!

  17. Great list. I think Skull King should be on here

  18. what happened to the fantastic crossover fancy show?

  19. Send me your copy of Zogars Gaze.😃

  20. Great list! Arboretum and Air, Land, and Sea are particularly great choices. I'd put the Silver series (Silver Amulet, Bullet, etc.) way up there too.

  21. I think that you guys would enjoy the old Pecking Order game from Richard Garfield. You should give it a try, it can be played with a standard deck of cards.

  22. Shame too many of these don’t actually show the games. 🙁 missed opportunity

  23. Nice picks! My top 5 are Scout, Radlands, The Bloody Inn, Arboretum, and Caper Europe. Wingspan would be on this list, but it has too many additional components to count as a card game for me.

  24. Netrunner. Best card game. Best two player game. Best game.

  25. Love this list! Scout, Schotten Totten and Air Land Sea are faves!!

  26. Guys didn't see any of the other Cosmos series of 2p games. If you get an opportunity highly recommend trying Kahuna, Caesar and Cleopatra, Balloon Cup, Jambo, Odin's Ravens…. Also try out Targi

  27. Great list!
    Bloody inn is my favorite game of all time currently! Theme, art, agonizing decisions, mechanics, player interaction, and most importantly, right length! So underrated!

  28. So right… money drain. You nailed it. But is so fun.

  29. I’m sticking to games with just a deck of cards – but only because I love these type of games
    10 – Village Green
    9 – The Mind
    8 – Lost Cities
    7 – Wordsy
    6 – Red7
    5 – Cockroach Poker
    4 – Coloretto
    3 – Schotten Totten
    2 – Ohanami
    1 – High Society

  30. Netrunner for 1vs1
    Arkham for CO-OP
    and you don't need any card game if you are playing with same nerd as you of course ( for casuals prop. For Sale is a good choice)

  31. Awesome video! Mine would probably be:

    1) High Society
    2) Schotten Totten
    3) Parade
    4) Pumafiosi
    5) Cat Blues
    6) Skull
    7) Royal Visit
    8) Bohnanza
    9) Shamans
    10) The Crew

  32. You two are funny with the upside down Star Wars 😄

  33. Games you didn't mention that would be among my favorites:

    * Legend of the Five Rings TCG
    * Seventh Sea TCG
    * San Juan
    * Star Realms
    * Cribbage
    * Mü
    * Citadels

    I wouldn't call Wingspan a card game, but rather a tableau game, since most of the action happens on the tableau, not in your hand.

    Some stuff that's on the border between board game and card games that I really like: Condottiere, Clank Catacombs, Ascension Tactics, Medici, Commands & Colors (and related games).

  34. Excellent calls! Bohnanza, War of the ring, Arkham the card game, Lost Cities, The Crew would also be on my list. Also, Air, Land & Sea which makes for such a tense head to head. I once used to play MtG. Back in the day of 3rd or 4tj edition. But that was costly .. Feels like we have similar tastes. 🙂

  35. Please show more photos of these games

  36. Love The Bloody Inn. Love Hanamikoji. Love SO many card games you'd get sick of my long list! 🤣 Would add Circle the Wagons though.

  37. Where did Zogar’s Gaze foo in the list. I saw it in the slack on the intro

  38. Great list and I like your conversational style. Charming.

  39. Little behind on this one but if no one mentioned – they are in the process of re releasing all the sets in a new consolidated format so if you were writing it off because of availability that should be fixed now or going to be soon!

  40. I'd like to put out a plug for my ALL TIME favorite card game. I know it's older, and I know it isn't the easiest to get hold of… But GLORY TO ROME!

  41. Nice list. While I did like Schotten Totten (it was Battle Line for me though), I much preferred Stefan Feld's Roma – but that had dice and tokens as well, so maybe it wouldn't have qualified for the list. (Oddly, I didn't like Roma II nearly as much as the original). Thanks for continuing to make great content!

  42. Why do you show star wars and not talk about it?

  43. Nokosu Dice is a great tricktaker, with dice also acting as cards as well as becoming your bid for the round. It's hard to find, so I scavenged the components, and downloaded the rules from BGG. It is more complex than any other tricktakers I've played.
    For a simple and fun tricktaker, the rules for David And Goliath are also available.

  44. Great list! My top 5 right now are:
    1. Res Arcana
    2. Race for the Galaxy
    3. Gosu X
    4. Caper: Europe
    5. Scout

  45. Nice list. I got rid of Arkham LCg for Marvel Champions. No luck bag to deal with and you cycle your deck much faster.

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