Top 10 Card Games to Play with Friends -

Top 10 Card Games to Play with Friends
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Top 10 Card Games to Play with Friends
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Call up your pals, clear the table and get ready for some fun. For this list, we’ll be looking at unique and entertaining card games to be played with a group, including both branded card games and games that can be played with a standard deck. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Card Games to Play with Friends.

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10. What Do You Meme?
9. Spoons
8. Crazy Eights
7. Hearts
6. Rummy/ Gin Rummy
5. Munchkin
4. Exploding Kittens

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  1. "We will not be including specialty card games, like Magic the Gathering." No, but you'll weirdly use a video clip from a game of D&D when you say that… Good job.

  2. Phase 10 should have been on this list. Number 1 should have been Uno Attack.

  3. I think the goal of Uno is to have the least amount of points and the game is over once someone hits 500 points. at least that's how I always play it

  4. Not even honorable mention for tegwar? What the hell?

  5. Love Letter, Saboteur, Monopoly Deal, Arkham Horror, Betrayer at House on the Hill, Betrayer Legacy …

  6. Uno and skippo are my favorites too. But I also like phase 10. A real thinking game

  7. I played Cards Against Humanity with my friends. The black card ask: “What will be the next happy meal toy? “
    I won that round because I put there: “ My ex-wife! “

  8. OMG. Cant wait to play those cool/dope unos with my UNO!Friends. hahahahah

  9. DC Comics (etc.) Deck-Building Game. Despite being a licensed game that sort of makes players battle each other, like Uno everyone has a (mostly) fair shot.

  10. Apples to Apples? WHERE IS MY APPLES TO APPLES???

  11. Uno is really part of the Switch family.

  12. It depends on how you play own. I don’t play to 500 or count points base on cards left.

  13. What about phase 10, goldfish, and match. I invented a card game.

  14. In the Philippines, we call “spoons” “1 2 3 pass”, only the difference is we don’t have spoons, we only show the 4 of a kind. To put a little twist on the eliminated player, we do a truth or dare punishment

  15. If you want to make this list right then don't forget to mention sabbac

  16. Cards against humanity is the best adult card games I ever played

  17. Some other super fun card games. Throw Throw Burrito, Bears vs. Babies, You got Crabs, and Unstable Unicorns! 🙂

  18. Organ Attack and Monopoly Deal should be here

  19. Here’s a way to cheat at spoon: give your friends a 3 matching cards and give yourself the last card to make a 4 of a kind. Then when the game starts, hold onto that last card and watch your friend suffer. Don’t do this if your friend is big or strong enough to beat you up.

  20. You guys have awesome content!! I’m always looking for new games to play!

  21. Cards Against Humanity was invented for adults who never ever get to know and understand how to play Real Card Games

  22. I came hoping to see cards against humanity and you did not disappoint

  23. what is this add numbers in uno shit?

  24. Great video! I heard there's this new card game called LAGIM is also very addicting. The game is based on evil fiends attacking your baryo, you must defend it at all cost. Try to visit their FB page and website for more info. The games will be launching soon on Kickstarter.

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