Top 10 Charizard Pokemon Cards (Modern) -

Top 10 Charizard Pokemon Cards (Modern)

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  1. and also the 5 and the 6 is rainbow and all the others are golden

  2. and i think… i got the 1 also in GOLD

  3. lol u forgot to put the charizard v star rainbow

  4. No chrizard avoloshns 449 dolr soree its no good inglish😅

  5. Bruh I had number 8 when I was 6 I'm so sad now

  6. Pulled the alt art charizard v out of a blister pack. Bought 40 single sleeved ones

  7. Can you check out my YouTube channel it is theefrog

  8. Where’s the charzard rasharam card I thought that was expensive

  9. I have #2 hmu if anyone wants it for the price of 400 instead of 659

  10. actually based on more rare I would put rish ram and charzard at 3

  11. I have mega charizard ex and charizard vmax rainbow

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