Top 10 Most Devastating Wild Card Losses of All-Time! -

Top 10 Most Devastating Wild Card Losses of All-Time!

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Top 10 Most Devastating Wild Card Losses of All-Time!

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  1. #2, still looks like a forward pass to this day.

  2. Knew nothing but misery in the playoffs as a Chiefs fan but if they can turn it around so can your team.

  3. Tebow wasn't an honorable mention, it was beautiful. BTW: You can say Redskins.

  4. Snap wasn't bad, Romo F'd up as the holder! As a Cowboys and Romo hater, there really wasn't anything better than that botched FG attempt!!!! 🙂

  5. #2 shouldn't be on this list as it's highly controversial for a bad call. That WAS NOT a lateral.

  6. Only one — one — game pre-1997? It's like the NFL hardly existed prior to 30 years ago…

  7. The miracle in the Medowlands is prime example of one bad call can loose a game.

  8. vikings giants 2023. one of the toughest losses ever

  9. Just a reminder that the very overrated Brady's Patriots career ended on a pick 6 at home in the playoffs….

  10. Might as well add another Cowboy's royal eff up against the 49ers. 2021wild card game. It was truly devastating.

  11. I remember how mad I was as a Dallas cowboys fan ,,,,was when the Bills came back and beat the Oilers, I wanted Dallas to beat the Oilers in the Super Bowl instead of beating up the Bills again!,,,,,playin the Bills was like 🥱🥱🥱booooooring!!!

  12. That hit on Carson Palmer was cheap as shit.

  13. at 22:52 if the first point is where the ball was released from his hand then it was a backward pass 100%. The fact that he side armed it was everything. Announcers should be ashamed if they were wrong, those were some awful statements to say on live TV if they were wrong.

  14. 12:50 I'll never get tired of watching the Vikings beat the Saints in the playoffs. Even if they can't get to the big game. Karma for bountygate. The North remembers…

  15. Repent to Jesus Christ “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.”
    ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3‬:‭1‬ ‭NIV

  16. May want to add with #4 the refs messed up the call and the giants should have been awarded a free play.

  17. I still don't get why people put the Romo thing on there… there was over 1 minute left and Seattle had two timeouts… the Boys would've been up by LESS than a field goal (requiring a field goal to win)… lmao, there's a HUGE chance (Hasselbeck was a very good 4th quarter QB) that Seattle would've won anyway.

  18. Thumbnail: Da Bears double doink…..😂 We're never gonna live that down… or see happiness as fans of an NFL team. Still… 🐻MF⬇️

  19. Imagine starting your knee injured star rookie QB against the Legion of Boom. RGIII had some haters in Washington.

  20. At 6:20, I LOVE IT. That idiot Paul Allen screaming about the lose. I can't stand PA, way too much screaming. I do enjoy it when PA is in agony, and with the Vikings, it happens every year.

  21. Seeing the way Walsh missed that kick I swore it was rigged at that point. There’s just almost no way he misses it that badly at that distance.

  22. Chargers losing to Raiders when they just needed a tie

  23. Nate Keading single-footedly made me cease to be a Chargers fan.

  24. In a press conference, after the Bills completed this, 'the biggest come back in playoff history' QB Frank Reich read this:

    In Christ alone will I glory

    Though I could pride myself in battles won

    For I've been blessed beyond measure

    And by His strength alone I overcome

    Oh, I could stop and count successes

    Like diamonds in my hand

    But those trophies could not equal

    To the grace by which I stand

    In Christ alone I place my trust

    And find my glory in the power of the cross

    In every victory let it be said of me

    My source of strength, my source of hope

    Is Christ alone

    In Christ alone will I glory

    For only by His grace I am redeemed

    Only His tender mercy

    Could reach beyond my weakness to my need

    Now I seek no greater honor

    Than just to know Him more

    And to count my things but losses

    To the glory of the Lord

    In Christ alone I place my trust

    And find my glory in the power of the cross

    In every victory let it be said of me

    My source of strength, my source of hope

    Is Christ alone I place my trust

    And find my glory in the power of the cross

    In every victory let it be said of me

    My source of strength, my source of hope

    Is Christ alone

    My source of strength, my source of hope

    Is Christ alone

  25. #2 Was only devastating because of a blown call, Thats a forward pass every single day. The Bills won that game and the refs stole it.

  26. Well made video. Nice use of the real time play-by-play and keeping the commentary to a minimum and letting the action tell the story.

  27. That Minnesota game aww man it was a quiet day at work…This Sucks but i can't wait til football come back…🦅

    I won money off that Bears Eagles game my co worker was salty WOOOO

  28. I’m surprised they don’t have the recent chargers blowing a 27 pt lead against the jags.

  29. I honestly think the 2015 Steelers/Bengals hame should be on list due to how infamous it is. Why? Because the Burfict hit ruined the career of one of the best WRs in the game, and AFC North Playoff games are almost always iconic.

  30. Best part of being a lions fan, we don’t have any historically disappointing playoff moments!

  31. Why wasn't the rule about going after a QBs knees implemented after what happened to Carson Palmer? Why did it take for it to happen to Tom Bra… never mind. The question answers itself.

  32. "This mishap forever defined his career…" Um, no, it didn't. Tony Romo HATER.. 🙄🤣

  33. That Carson Palmer low blow completely changed the outcome of the 2005 postseason IMO. I don't think the Steelers win with him in the game, which means no upset of Indy by Pittsburg the following week. I think the Colts would have won a matchup with the Bengals and ultimately gone on to win the chip as I seriously couldn't see Denver winning the AFCC or the Seahawks beating Indy in the Super Bowl.

  34. The 2015 Steelers/Bengals wildcard game not even making the top 10 makes this list a joke and completely invalid.

  35. that injury replay on carson palmer still makes me want to throw up. wtf Kimo von Oelhoffen

  36. That Carson Palmer injury was 100% intentional. It's something that isn't brought up a lot but back then, players literally went out there with a gameplan to hurt other players and take em out of the game. It was a big scandal for the Saints but you'd be dumb to think they were the only ones. Those actions should be a much larger stain on this sport but it's not. Feel bad for the targeted players whose careers and livelihoods were cut short because of this kind of crap.

  37. The music city miracle was in reality the music city cowardice. The refs were afraid to call it what it was, a forward pass.

  38. for superbowls. pats-seahawks, pats-falcons, rams-titans. Id put them in that order..mainly based on my experience..shouldve ran the ball. You know.

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