Top 10 Silver Tempest Pokemon Cards -

Top 10 Silver Tempest Pokemon Cards

Poké Grizzly
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Top 10 Silver Tempest Pokemon Cards, ranked by market value:
🔹 Candice (Secret)
🔹 Lugia VSTAR
🔹 Skuntank V (Alternate Full Art)
🔹 Lugia VSTAR (Secret) (211)
🔹 Serena (Full Art)
🔹 Serena (Secret)
🔹 Lugia VSTAR (Secret) (202)
🔹 Unown V (Alternate Full Art)
🔹 Regidrago V (Alternate Full Art)
🔹 Lugia V (Alternate Full Art)


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Microphone: Audio- Technica AT2035 –
Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo –
Headset: Razor Kraken –

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  1. The seventh card in italy is worthed 180€

  2. This would be better if literally every card was not Lugia v star

  3. yo can u do booster pack called SWORDS & SHIELD ASTRAL RADIANCE

    if u do i will be happy cuz I got this pack but idk the prices

  4. j'était pas près de voir se que j'ai vue vraiment

  5. Prices are going to drop the more there is

  6. How many times do I have to say this, STOP simping for Pokémon trainers. They’re not real people

  7. Lugia v alternative art in italy cost 400 – 600 €

  8. I have two because I got the silver Tempest Elite trainer box and booster box unreleased

  9. You have lugia, Lugia, lugia and lugia

  10. When it was at number ten i was like:. 'CaNdIcE?! Is pokemon trolling us'!?

  11. Just pooled unknown yesterday in 6 booster lmao

  12. Would've thought I'll see Lance trainer card

  13. dang i didnt know i had the 4th best silver tempest card lugia rainbow rare

  14. Then wait for the prices to fall threw the ground, in like a week

  15. All of those alternate arts are so good

  16. Fake card makers be like hmm.. lets make this fake in 3 years

  17. Fale card makers pov:More profit

  18. Why isn't the Rayquaza Vmax on here? Is this only main setlist?

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