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Top 10 Trading Card Games
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It’s time to gather your friends, trade some cards and build the perfect deck. Join as we count down our picks for Top 10 Trading Card Games. Subscribe►►… Facebook►►. Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’re basing our ranking on the games’ quality, popularity, net worth and overall cult following. Let’s deal!

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  1. Yigioh is no1 its better then magic and pokemon!!

  2. Well, Yu-Gi-Oh is the most fun so why is it on 4th place?

  3. this is complete and utter B.S i know for a fact that the top 4 are cardfight vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh, the pokemon TCG and magic the gathering. in that order. cardfight vanguard is much more well known than some of the others that came before it

  4. Yugioh is the king of trading card games why? Because everyone thats been around since the 90s know about it, it is even played by casual (non tcg fans) players, its world cup is the worlds most viewed trading card tournament around the world, i am a ,Magic and YUGIOH player, and let me tell you that in all stores i go to play, the yugioh players are far more abundant than Magic players, aldough Magic was the one who startes this TCG stuff, YUGIOH is the one responsible to popularize it all around the world.

  5. Yugioh should be on 2 or 3 or 1
    Replace the vampire on 4 then yugioh is on 3 or 2
    Yugioh should be on 2
    Pokemon have series video game dont forget also yugioh have a lot video game (not to many)also yugioh also have new series yugioh sevens so yugioh should in 2

  6. Who ever made this list probably never have played a card game

  7. I used to love to play vanguard but they ruined it in Vanguard G now it’s trash and they are trying to revive it from the dead with the new vanguard app on the App Store

  8. Net runner is underrated and hasn’t gained widespread appeal because it does look visually appealing or isn’t like the typical trading card game

  9. I have never heard of vampire the eternal struggle theres no tournaments of it at my local card shop

  10. Well this list is wrong
    Cardfight vanguard

  11. Yu gi oh is 4? People in my country don’t even know what the Pokémon and MTG trading card games are. Again Mojo, you disappointed everyone.

  12. My top 3 is 3-pokemon, 2-yugioh and 1 mtg

  13. 99% of people say that’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Should be in the first place BECAUSE IT’S MEAN KING OF GAMES not king of number four.

  14. YU-Gi-OH is the first and last card game I ever played.

  15. I think yugioh and magic should be tied. I play both and they are both awesome

  16. VS System: the original ,
    MARVEL & DC united

  17. Hit the dislike for seeing Yugioh in top 4. Sorry not sorry.

  18. Let’s get who got the most cards in the card game

  19. 4 years later, I’d rank things differently:

    1. Pokémon: they reprinted fking Dedenne GX
    2. Yugioh: they reprinted extremely expensive cards that are really good for specific decks
    3. MtG: Standard format is shirt, and Uro is still legal, and they barely reprint fetchlands meaningfully. It’s only saving grace is it’s Yargle Opt

    The rest I don’t care

  20. Hey people, its like, their opinion right?

  21. Glad that Magic is number one, but Yuigoh should have been in the top three with Pokemon. Never heard of the Vampire game and according to the comments I'm not alone.

  22. Vanguard is the cool game the rouls are simple but I have now vanguard lol me

  23. Just to let you know Pokémon really ain’t that popular anymoreYes when I go to target in my town literally does nothing but Pokémon cards and they’ve been sitting there for months On end

  24. I wish cardfight was higher then 7 because besides yugioh I personally loved the anime

  25. because i was a yugioh card player, i believe that yugioh has the most complex rules of all tcgs, but i agree that magic the gathering should be number, it's just too legendary and immortal, it's still played even today.

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