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These are my Top 5 favorite card games AND how to play them! If you think I missed an awesome game, please go ahead and comment it down below. If you want more videos like this be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so we know to make more!
Huge thank you to my friends, Wade, Jacob, and BB for playing these games with me for the broll and MASSIVE thank you to my guy Ryan Sheridan for filming!! You can check him out at @r.p.sheridan



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  1. Dude you are immediately boring and dry. I wanted to watch but couldnt make it past 1 minute

  2. Hearts is the best card game change my mind

  3. It was really interesting for me that you included "Kemps" – I learnt that game back in 2011/12 by my classmates and we were just calling it "Games" (probably thanks to the similarity with the original title). Lately I've been wondering if it was created by my age group and even around that time, in Greece maybe, or somewhere else. Cool info, and video

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  5. Thanks man for this video, really appreciate it ✌✌

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  7. Ironic that teaching people 5 card games is a Magic Trick within itself when you think about it. You're taking nothing (the group not knowing) and turning iit into something (the group knowing).

  8. my personal favourite of all time is kaiser, i guess its called troika elsewhere. but its like hearts or spades or dare i say bridge. you play with 32 cards. 7 and up to aces with the exception of 7 of hearts and 7 spades. whoever bids is the one who calls trump. highest card wins and trump beats highest. 3 of spades is bad 5 of hearts is golden. only game aside from crib ill play

  9. Bullshit was my favourite game, everyone were moving sus all the time, especially when we use jokers 🃏

  10. ⬇️🔥👍✌💯📓📓📓📓

    Hip-hop and Mathematics:
    Spelling 101
    Rules of the game:

    1.) Each index card will have an acronym on one side, and the math on the other…
    Love is for eternal [life].
    2.) The amount of players will be 3 – 6.

    3.) The objective of the game will be to create a verse of either 16 or 24 bars…
    Each player can bring however many index cards to the table that they chose.

    4.) The first person will place down one card. The next player then has three choices:
    i- He/She can add to the first person's card.
    ii- He/She can remove the first person's card, and replace it with His/Her own.
    iii- Or, skip.

    5.) The game will continue in this fashion until the objective of 16-24 bars is complete. By way of the math, the person who has contributed most to the verse, or has the highest score, wins…

  11. i like war lol only destruction is everything i usually bait out cards when they put queen i put three my three goes but they can only use queen after a few more turns by the time i knock their powers out

  12. top five 5⃣

    5: bullshit


    3: double solitair

    2: poker (Texas hold'em)

    1: belote

  13. I was sort of expecting Last card but nvm

  14. Fun list, …but War? A game of pure luck fit for a 4 year old.

  15. Am I the only one that thinks this guy looks like PeeDiePie

  16. We’re is UNO You include a game called spoons but not UNO what.

  17. Me and my friends sort of made and adaptation of spoons. The game plays the same but we play for airsoft gun parts and we found that this works best with 8 or 10 players because we needed enough round to actually build the airsoft gun. Of course we were wearing facial protection but the first person to build their airsoft gun gets to shoot the losers. Warning: don’t play this indoors.

  18. "Go-fish" is classic fun for me. The feeling of knowing who wants what card and then asking them for it is really satisfying. Especially if you steal an almost completed pile, its down right evil.

    Ya'll should try it out.

  19. Norway have in my opinion the best card games

  20. My favorite is a game called Kings in the Corner.

  21. This is what we call these card games in Sri Lanka.

    1. Cheat
    2. Kent
    3. Speed
    4. Pig Nose (you would cover your nose with your 4 cards if you get 4 similar cards instead of grabbing a spoon, this makes it more discreet)
    5. War (I've never played war 😮 )

  22. I was expecting mafia

  23. Who is here because of kun(nct) and taehyun(txt) to learn every kind of magic tricks

  24. I played spilt, rummy, donkey, pig, go fish, 7 cards, j spade
    Cards is our family's national game😝😁

  25. I’m a fan of all those you mentioned as well as Style, Egyptian Rat Screw, Scum, Liverpool (Rummy variant), GOLF, and those are just the ones with face cards. 😅 lots of games among my family & friends.

  26. We play a game called shithead, also known as threeway.

    Basically every player is dealt 9 cards, the first 3 are dealt and can’t be seen, the next six make up the base hand. You put down your best 3 face up.

    Power cards are important, 2, 3, 7, 10. Then the card order is 4-joker.

    2 resets the order
    3 replicates the card under it
    7 forces the next player to play a card lower than 7, so 4, 5, 6 or a power card
    And 10 burns the deck.

    Players play cards onto the deck and pick up the deck if they can’t play, every time they play a card they pick up from the pickup pile so that they always have at least 3 cards in their hand.

    When the pickup pile is depleted, players can use their hand up and start playing those saved cards and the mystery cards. There is no winner, just not the shithead. Loser is the shithead and buys everyone a round of drinks.

    Jokers are included because they act as a rarer way of getting an almost guaranteed play.

    Playing four of a kind in a row also burns the deck

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