Top 5 Card Games of the Year (2021) with the Game Boy Geek -

Top 5 Card Games of the Year (2021) with the Game Boy Geek

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The top 5 card games of the year (2021) are presented giving you a quick overview and my thoughts as to why it made the best of the best!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:27 – #5
2:37 – #4
4:00 – #3
5:45 – #2
8:01 – #1

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  1. Hi I'm Seth and I'm making a smash bros like superhero fighting game called xenomon if you want to gives thoughts on it

  2. Great list! Gave me a couple more games to check out, so thank you!
    My Top 5 Card Games of 2021:
    1. Subastral
    2. Good Puppers
    3. Enchanted Plumes
    4. Jekyll vs Hyde
    5. Floriferous

    And my Top 5 Card Games + (mostly a card game but with extra pieces) of 2021:
    1. Living Forest
    2. Flourish
    3. Furnace
    4. Meadow
    5. Kokopelli

  3. I enjoyed this very much! I wish Lawyer Up was a multiplayer game even though it wouldn't make much sense thematically.

  4. Subastral feels like a really comfortable card game, like one I'd find from a regular deck of cards. Really like that one! Gonna have to check out the rest, especially Shamans and Enchanted Plumes! Slightly surprised the Crew isn't here, but then again, I'm kinda glad it didn't take a spot from the five you listed. It's already popular enough haha.

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