Top 5 Card Games to Play in a Pub -

Top 5 Card Games to Play in a Pub

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The five best board games to play in a pub or bar.
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5. Skull –
4. That’s Not Lemonade –
3. For Sale –
2. High Society –
1. No Thanks –

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Spicy –
Cockroach Poker –
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  1. Yes, top 5 drinking games, please. I'll be waiting with my tequila shots in hand

  2. I like skull, but I don't get cockroach poker. Seriously one of the dumbest games I have ever played. Think liars dice is still a bit better though, although skull has even easier components. Can literally make it out of coasters.

  3. Port Royal and Salem are goods for pubs too

  4. The art on that edition of For Sale is sooooo much better than the US version, is that art European only editions? I can't find it in the US market…

  5. Pub games need to be water proof. So, I vote for Hive. It's only a two players game but it is fantastic and only takes 20 min to play

  6. The like counter was at 999 before I clicked it. So I'm the 1000th like here. Hurray. Wow. I'm so special. Kudos to me. Now I'll go cry myself to bed after losing a few more online Catan games.

  7. This was a wonderful video! I would love to see the drinking games video please!!

  8. I wouldn't bring for sale to the pub, I'd loose all them coins

  9. The Patreon plug was awesome XD I'd say "shut up and take my money" but I'm already a patron, sooo…

  10. Great Video dude! Yes to a Drinking game video! 🍻

  11. That copy of For Sale is AMAZING!!! WAAAAAAANT lol

  12. Great list! These are some of my favorite small group party games. Archaeology: New Expeditions and Ohanami are a couple others we have really enjoyed.

  13. Great selection of games. I’m jealous of the small box size for “For Sale”. My box is twice that size. Still a great game.

  14. Wow! That’s the next level and probably the last possible level 🤩

  15. can we please appreciate how professional these videos look by now? thanks

  16. Greatest segue from the video to a request for Patreon ever!!

  17. Great style in this video, but I really liked the writing too. The little stings at the end of each segment were great.

  18. Love the new camerawork, and your energy in this is so great! I love boardgame reviews that are also funny 🙂

  19. A Patreon plug that caught me by surprise and made me laugh. Well done.

  20. Great video with great games. You are a joy to listen to!

  21. High society looks awesome, unfortunately in Poland only the old edition is available and it's really ugly. I had a blast playing bang! the dice game and cockroach poker in pubs.

  22. Hey……an Idiot called Tom…..oh wait, yea, you have a point!

  23. Top five drinking games please! Our local game night meets at a pub so those would be perfect. Right now we love drinking fluxx but we're looking for more games associated with drinking.

  24. Great recommendations, will likely pick all of these up based off your reviews. This video quite possibly had the best patreon plugin going!

  25. More card games I wish there were more videos related to card players we are lumped in with the board gamers love you guys

  26. Amazing writing and videography on the video! You continue to set a high quality bar for board game media!
    Is the extra large sand timer a particular duration that you ever get to use it in games?

  27. wow a really good quality upgrade 👏👏👏

  28. I'm not usually a commenter, but this is a masterpiece.

  29. IPA tastes like piss! He's saying what we're all thinking!

  30. If you're someplace you can comfortably be a bit loud, I can vouch for Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and Anomia. Do them as drinking games to get silly fast.

  31. This was the best Patreon plug I've ever heard. <3

  32. Watching your channel slowly grow, and being here since the beginning is so utterly satisfying. You deserve every click you're getting and more. Here's to a bright future.

  33. Whoa!!! Production upgrade~~!!!! Well done, Purkis

  34. I've always thought "Pairs" is a good pub game. It's a quick card game where there is only one loser and everyone else wins! Perfect for determining who is buying the next round.

  35. This video was fantastic! I love this lists!

  36. I run a board game group that travels to different breweries around town. Skull is the first game I normally throw at people. It prepares them for the lying and bluffing that will happen at some point in the hidden roll games that are also in the collection. Secret Hitler is definitely the most played game in our collection.

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