Top 5 NEW Trading Card Games in 2024 -

Top 5 NEW Trading Card Games in 2024

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Looking to pick up a new trading card game under a year old? Ready to try playing something other than Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Pokemon? Check out these five young trading card games instead!


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  1. Which game do you think has the BEST chance of spiking the space in 2024?

  2. I would love to see more content about SWU!

  3. Really enjoying Shadowverse, but it’s had a real hard time getting going in the U.K…
    Hoping for better things with the OP shakeup this year!

  4. I would still keep an eye on Kryptik and Mythrel

  5. Really hyped for Altered here !!! Great video !

  6. Alpha Clash TCG is big in the Philippines with over a hundred players! ❤

  7. "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success." -Dale Carnegie

  8. You Missed "Legions Realms at War" Plays like a Refined, and evolved more fair Yugioh, Every card is semi full art, Winner of Gencon 2023 fellowship award, In Serveral Local games stores, and had a solid launch of its 3rd Box Set along with supporting sets. I have Shadowverse as my Anime tcg, FAB as my Western Combat game, Sorccery as my Grid card/board game, But only Legionss or LRAW really satisfies my cards and life points as resource no "Go Again actin points required" need thirst yugioh style that Legions does. and the collectabily of the rares and quality of the non- curling foils on Back core are just incredible.

  9. 7:50 Alpha Clash, LETS GO!! Love that this game was designed in the U.S instead of overseas.

  10. I carry 5 games in my store: MTG, Pokémon, OP, FAB, and Sorcery. At the this point I won’t even look into anything else because there’s no reason.

  11. Great video. Thanks for making this. I'll be curious to see if Lorcana can continue to grow or slowly lose interest. I'll also be interested in seeing if Star Wars Unlimited can make an impact or people have lost all hope with FF Games. Grand Archive looks cool. I've never seen the game before but it looks really cool.

  12. Hope the best for Alpha Clash, it seems cool and its from the US.

  13. DREAM Book where its at! New set about to drop and its looking amazing.

  14. I'm hoping to see big things from Alpha Clash this year. Been studying the game extensively, topping local and online events alike, joined a podcast for the game (The Rogue Contenders, hosted by @ryotinccg) and I'll be bringing my best concoctions to Vegas this April.

  15. I've got Lorcana and Shadowverse cards sitting right in front of me. Looking forward to Star Wars and Altered. It's going to be an expensive year!

  16. We LOVE Shadowverse Evolve, and we are very excited about SW Unlimited. So much good stuff. Excellent video, thanks for these reviews.

  17. Does anyone else think that Altered booster boxes are overpriced compared to other games booster boxes you could get?

  18. With the success of the kickstarter of Altered, we can say you were right to mention it ^^

  19. I like grand archive and gotten it since the start but javent had much time to play since locals are on a day i cant make it out.

  20. Elestrals although their kickstarter was the end of 2022 switched manufacturers post kickstarter eddition and is pumping out their first 3 expansion sets this year and a re print of its first set ! Im super hyped for it. Small company big dreams

  21. I'm a Digimon and Pokemon player, and I'm interested in seeing how Altered goes on. The sales pitch is really cool and the cards look great, but I'm always skeptical of how kickstarter games end up… I like the idea, but we'll see how it goes from here.

  22. dont get how Altered needed to go to kickstarter but had the capital to invite and host a ton of youtubers to Paris to "hype" the game :/

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