TOP 50 Games For Potato Spec PC | 512 MB Vram Graphic Card -

TOP 50 Games For Potato Spec PC | 512 MB Vram Graphic Card

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If you just have a potato spec pc with a graphic card with 512 MB VRAM, that’s not a problem. In this video, I will show you the top 50 games that will work on your 512 MB VRAM Graphic card.

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  1. any trust worthy websites to download the games without virus ?

  2. I watch these just to reminisce ahh the good old days before getting an alien ware laptop

  3. I have 512mb vram, 16gb ram, ryzen5500u processor, windows 11 operation sytem and i can smoothly run fifa 23 on it with lower graphics

  4. Is besth for a moment im game play is Alan Walker. Arma sniper gris warrior 2 . Medallas of honor waifighter. Mafia 2 .. Crisis 2 is the besth action live 😌😌

  5. Alguien tiene algun link de naruto sh un storm ninja 3 que no sea utorrent?

  6. Guys Tell me Where can i get this old gamesIts not there on steam

  7. If pc potatos can run these games, then my pc is a rotten potato

  8. He forgot to add a 0 here you need a 5120mb gpu

  9. Ya empezamos mal ni en pedo corre alan wake

  10. I dont know why nfs rival and most wanted 2012 and ac4blackflag lags too much on my system even on ultra low settings and my specs are8 gb ram ddr 3Amd radeon R7 200 series 2gbcore i5 2nd gen

  11. No sabia que existia ese de juego de tronos tengo que jugarlo 🤩

  12. koi best game bta do mid spec pc ke liye…..jisse khelke orgasm aa jaye

  13. I don't like the games….with 512mb vram we can do a lot more

  14. My mini PC has 4gb vram, 32gb ddr5 ram

  15. He forgot to mention that with 512mb half of this games wont look like showcased here LOL

  16. How are the need for speed games "simulation" ??!! Wtf lol 🤡

  17. 1 gb vram, 4 gb ram nd nfs rivals lag so bad ….

  18. there was a time i used to watch these type of videos but now i have a decent pc so now i dont need to watch these videos dammnnn that time was really roughhh

  19. It's next to impossible to play la noire in 512 mb vram i have 16gigs of ram in my pc along with 4gb nvidia gtx 1650 with max q design still its lags like a turtle😂😂

  20. this is actually medium spec pc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I have a gpu with 512 mb vram 2 gb shared ram with 4 gb ram 1600 mhz, 12 gb virtual ram, and still nfs rivals won't work

  22. He forgot to mention 512 mb video ram usage of a gtx 1650

  23. Fallout 3. New Vegas. Left 4 dead 2. GTAIV. Team fortress 2. You can go on and on with the list of games you can play with just 512.

  24. ​ @Potato Gaming This isn't games for 512MB, I can't run these. Any of these with 5+ fps. It's not perspective, Potato PC's don't even have 250mb+ and you're advertising games with SHADOWS lmao, like these would run faster than 7fps is a joke.

    You don't know PC's my friend. Trash opinion my friend to say graphics and computing power is PERSPECTIVE.

    You're dumb trash my friend.

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