Top Side Deck Cards - April 2023 - Dragon Ball Super Card Game -

Top Side Deck Cards – April 2023 – Dragon Ball Super Card Game

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  1. Blue players are sleeping on Desperate Measures. If going first It hits Whis z battle battle, Hits Trunksgeta, Beerus z battle, Broly crown, Cumber z battle(z stack), Hits blue/green floodgates and Hits new Vegito floodgate, And if you play it at the right time against Red syn it really shuts their turn down.. Its a 4 of in my side.

  2. Is dark power black masked saiyan not the same as kotsukai? They seem to do the same thing

  3. Also want to add the mechi is amazing against A21. Just call 4 drop Android 21 and it shuts down a large portion of their deck

  4. Power couple has been a great card for many formats. I think people don't like that they can't charge it and it is 10k though. Good sideboard card for sure. I used to run it in my ape deck bc then the combo cost is a positive lol.

  5. It’s not the biggest upside but Mechikabura also gets you a deck shuffle too if you’re against anything that counters to bottom of deck etc.

    I still think Kami could stay in side decks at the moment, but interchangeably between itself and Max Power depending on local meta.

    Decisive Strike is becoming more relevant for blue, unless you’re a multicolour build.

    Kinda torn on Borgos counterplay and Mutaito for yellow, freeing up T Blows for floodgates.

    Testing out the 1 drop negates from set 14, for telegraphed Cooler turns in yellow. Ehh idk at the moment.

    It’s really good and really bad how broad the side deck pool is at the moment.

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