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Top Ten Tiny or Pocket Sized Board & Card Games

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Join me for another Top Ten list where I talk about 10 great tiny or pocket sized games – at least for my coat pocket!

Too many games these days are all about giant boxes and expansions and high price tags and a million miniatures etc. What about those great little games that are small enough to not only be cheap, but you can even carry one in your pocket on your travels maybe?

Don’t agree with my picks? Well how about the People’s Choice which will feature after my list. Please leave a like on the video and share on social media to show your appreciation!

Also quick note – the bottom bar in my #2 near the end says “Sequel and Expansion Coming in 2021!” (forgot that the lower third would cover that up! :P)

And I’m also going to admit that I might have forgotten about Innovation – I’m so used to playing it online and I have the big box set for it with the expansions that I forgot you can get it in a smaller box which I believe would have fit in my pocket. So I’ll talk about it on the podcast this Sunday so that it gets its fair share of the spotlight!

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26:24 – Honorable Mention and Peoples Choice Top Ten

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  1. Before I watch this video I need to say Hive Pocket! 'Nuff said 😁

  2. Interestingly, there is an Indian licensed version of Point Salad that comes in a pocket sized box. Also tiny games that often go under the radar are Isle of Trains and Piepmatz.

  3. THE CREW! How come no one mentioned THE CREEEEW! Such a great game! I've absolutely smashed my copy to bits with so much use and travel

  4. Here are my pick (a lot of Button Shy Wallet Games here):

    1) Sprawlopolis (A great Button Shy game for solo plays)
    2) Agropolis (Another great Button Shy game, based on the Sprawlopolis system)
    3) Hive Pocket (we have played this game anywhere, from mountain tops, to the beach, in parks, etc.)
    4) Battle Line (My Roland's Revenge Game 2nd Edition is tiny and easily fit in a pocket)
    5) Skulls of Sedlec (Another great Button Shy game that is great from 1 to 4 players)
    6) Food Chain Island (Another great Button Shy game for solo plays)
    7) Valley of the Kings (An awesome series of deckbuilders in such a small package)
    8) Innovation (Such a great game for 2 players)
    9) Circle the Wagons (A great Button Shy game if you want the Sprawlopolis scoring system for a great 2-player game)
    10) Seasons of Rice (A good Button Shy game about laying rice paddies)

  5. Silver & Gold – what killed this game for me is the fiddliness of keeping track of who the first player is. I don't know why, but it was supper annoying.

  6. I would add Third Edition of Innovation to this list!

  7. Boardgame Ladies, check out Luke in his hand stitched camelhair jacket!

  8. My favourite pocket-sized game is Best Treehouse Ever from Green Couch Games, like a card drafting version of Dream Home, but every card is a great illustration of an extreme room for a treehouse! Love Letter was a given, but there's so many on this list I still have to try!

  9. Ah that pronunciation reminds me of my friend at international school as a kid. Hahnahmii heh

  10. Some great choices! My family loves Coup. Ohanami is a fun little game as well

  11. I have a copy of For Sale that is the factory box the size of a fat deck of playing cards that plays 3-6 players in two phases (open bid and then blind bid) in about 30 or so minutes. Great solid game!

  12. Speaking of Hanamikoji, Air, Land & Sea offers a similar experience, streamlined with 3 suits instead of 5, yet is much deeper due to highly emergent card effects, plus the ability to tactically retreat from a fight, cutting your losses(or rather, your opponent's gain)

  13. High Risk
    Not Alone
    Dracarys Dice
    Kibble Scuffle
    Tank Chess
    Draftosaurus (?)
    Legendary Forest

  14. The White Goblin version of Point Salad is tiny for sure.

  15. It's a good and informative video! Thank you!

    But I've never seen someone talk so fast for a 35+ minute video. Too much caffeine?

  16. Mottainai is game that easily fits in a pocket. I enjoy playing this game and it would have ended up on my list.

  17. I like the MTG duel decks too for all the same reasons. I too used to play MTG tournaments back in the 90's. Cockroach poker looks interesting, never seen that or most likely I have overlooked it. Love Star realms, I have a few little expansions for it which all go in, we play it more often than Dominion. Hanamikoji is one I should pick up. Valley of the Kings looks like one I might like, love the theme and like deck builders.

  18. I got one of those little deck boxes for star realms that lets you sleeve them and keep the trade deck separate from the starter decks. But it still goes in a bag real easy and travels really well. Great way to kill 20-30 minutes and if you're with someone that really vibes with the game you can kill a couple hourse.

  19. Valley of the kings: it might interest you that there are 4 AI different opponents for free for it.
    As a PvE I recommend One Deck Dungeon.

  20. Castle of Burgundy Dice Game roll and write is a great small game. Small foot print on a table… easy to bring along… and fun 🙂

  21. Hanabi is my ultimate favorite but I would also like to suggest new-ish game Kompromat.

  22. so do you put the magic decks back in there packaging! 🙂 (fruit salad to big)

  23. Carolyn Choate - You Published A Book, Now What? says:

    I met my husband at a board game night! Find you a girl that loves games

  24. Wow! Nice content! I also want to share this Lagim Card game that my family and I are enjoying. It's amazing that they actually came up with the idea of Philippine Folklore since it's kind of dying down a bit. It will surely educate future generations.

  25. Great list I love playing In-between memoarrr! And rocky road a la mode

  26. There is a version of point salad in a tiny metal box. I have it and it fits in my pocket 😉 and it is not a huge pocket !

  27. Coloretto is a nice little game we like that would definitely fit in your pocket.

  28. Hi, on your #4 transition graphic, what game is that in the bottom image?

  29. My favorite is Sail to India. I haven't tried some of the small ones you mention like Valley of the Kings; sounds like I would like that one.
    Others in my top 5 (I haven't played enough games to really have a top 10, which would basically be almost any small games that I've ever played) would include Love Letter (the Hobbit version), Age of War, Coup, and the trick-taking game Rook.

  30. I thought I was gonna se Skull King somewhere around here.

  31. I prefer Cthulhu Realms over Star Realms a complete experience in your pocket.

  32. Hi Luke – I know you said this didn't make your list because it didn't fit your pocket, but it fits in my coat pocket = "Conspiracy" – I love this game and its art 🙂

  33. It probably don't fit in a pocket but. My favorite small games are: biblios and Jaipur.
    I bought hanamikoji and was a great disappointment.
    Everything you do in that game is utterly nonsense from beginning to the end.
    Well. My experience.
    Love watching your videos.

  34. Thank you for making this vid. I've been looking for small pocket games. Thanks to you, I found a few that have piqued my interest.

    Two of my favorite games are Chrononauts and Innovation. I just picked up The Crew, but haven't played it yet.

  35. Only just discovered this video, but this is probably the biggest level of crossover I’ve had with any of your lists, as I own five of them. My top ten, in no particular order: Sticheln, Hanabi, Saboteur, Steam Donkey, Cockroach Poker, Hive Pocket, Mr Jack Pocket, Hey That’s My Fish, Onirim and Deep Sea Adventure.

  36. I want you to know I bought Valley of the Kings Afterlife strictly on this recommendation. what a great game for solo play (dummy player version)! This has quickly gone to the top of the list for games. Cannot wait to show it to my wife.

  37. Point Salad in French from Giganic is a tiny metal box.

  38. Point Salad is in a tiny box in most regions. I do wish publishers would avoid oversized boxes in North America. It is largely done for shelf attention and perceived value, but the smaller the box, the more games I can buy before I run out of space.

  39. Your EXs might not have been much for games but at least your current girlfriend does.

    I think board and card games are good as it requires face to face interaction. Something that is lacking in today's world.

  40. Oh, here in the us there is a point salad card game that is small and you can fit it into a coat pocket like on the coat you showed at the beginning.

  41. The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction, Pocket Mars and Pocket Sub. Tiny and Small Sized Board/Card Games. Even Air, Land and Sea. Infinity Gauntlet is fun when you are able to get all the Infinity Stones.

  42. I only have to carry 1 small game to play hundreds…a deck of cards.

  43. Very interesting… thanks for your video and the time to bring these games to our attention 🙂

  44. I'm a Hive Pocket enjoyer myself, great game with 10 seconds setup.

  45. Great video Luke! I should add Beasty Bar, Bahamas, Red 7, Virus, Silenze (Zombie City), Dungeon Riders, Bang and Fantasy Realms. Good job! Greetings from Spain!

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