TOP TIER!!! Mastemon Deck Profile & Combo Guide! | Digimon Card Game BT11 Format -

TOP TIER!!! Mastemon Deck Profile & Combo Guide! | Digimon Card Game BT11 Format

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The Mastemon deck makes a comeback in BT11 with the brand-new tamer Mirei along with a new Angewomon and LadyDevimon! Mastemon is definitely one of the many most hyped decks of this meta and will certainly be seeing quite a lot of play. I also got some new and basic combos to show you guys for those who are new to the game and want to learn more!

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Mastemon deck is back again with the brand new version called Mastemon deck bt11. The Mastemon deck profile takes many cards from the Mastemon starter deck and can be considered as the Mastemon deck upgrade along with the Mastemon deck list. Digimon card game Mastemon is one of many fan favorites. Digimon card game Mastemon deck has gotten even more new support with the Mirei tamer but did not receive a new Digimon TCG Mastemon bt11. Mastemon bt11 still uses the starter deck one as the main boss monster. Digimon TCG Mastemon deck contains both yellow and purple cards for DNA Digivolving. The Digimon TCG Mastemon deck profile can have many different variants and cards. This can also be considered as the Ordinemon deck as we do play it along with Raguelmon too. Ordinemon deck profile has many cards that make the Digimon tcg angel deck. The Angel deck Digimon also has a new Angemon and Devimon which are really good cards!

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  1. I saw that your main deck has 55 cards in it (if I counted right) and I thought you had to okay 50 exact? Just wondering about rules and stuff?

  2. quick question are the mastemon the same eff and just alt art? im just entering digimon and i like the cards

  3. Sigh..why is no one posting a TEXT with the Decklist in theyr description? It would really are nice, but..having an actual decklist would really help alot.

  4. Hello Avault, are there any updated for this deck? I just bought it from a friend but need some updates, but wondering if I am safe following this guide or maybe something newer can be added.

  5. Just curious, what video software do you use to edit?

  6. I was told when DNA digivolving you had to put the first color of the digimon as the top stack for sources, have I been lied to this entire time? Lol

  7. I'm absolutely obsessed with the Raguelmon/Ordinemon combo, so much so that they're both at 2 in my deck. Getting it off is the best feeling.I also play with a yellow base with an Upamon D+1/Salamon R+1/Reinforcing Memory Boost package

  8. I put some mill cards in for this deck and it really turbos out. :0

  9. Can you do a Machindramon decklist? I want to play it, in The next local tournament

  10. Thinking of entering my first tournament in a couple days and was thinking of running this deck. Have almost all the pieces except for a third Mirei and the third and fourth copies of Chaos Degredation. Don't have the time to get those copies, so any recommendations on what I could possibly replace them with? Was thinking of maybe slipping in Creepymon, Angewomon X and maybe Reinforcing Memory Boost?

  11. Yessir! This is my first deck as a new player, im getting the remaining moreis tomorow.

  12. I've been waiting for this deck profile since release and I love seeing your builds

  13. The new Devimon/Angemon is a huge game changer for the deck

  14. can you put a link or at least a list of all the cards and each quantity you used in your profile? sometimes i just want to check the list but its tedious to watch the whole video and just search when you say how many copies of a certain card you use.

  15. I personally went with more Rookies and Champions to up the consistency, and I believe it really helped smooth out the deck.

  16. aaaa, would build this deck if I had lucemon or deathxmon, too much money to spend xD

  17. Someone help me understand some cards I've had questions about.

    With Chaos Degradation, if you take one of your opponent's Digimon and put it at the top of their security stack can you then trash it afterwards?

    And regarding cards that make Digimon lose DP, can it delete them if the amount lost exceeds the Digimon's DP? (i.e. using Flame Hellscythe on a Digimon with 5000 DP)

  18. My mastemon deck is pretty close to this deck. I have more things to search and things that come from security and no deathxmon

  19. I've been playtesting a Eyesmon package (3 Scatter, 1 Eyesmon) along with a BT2 Gabumon, and it works quite well. I don't wanna chip in damage in the rookie phase (unless necessary). Maximizing Gabumon's inheritable with Scatter Mode's ability to draw 5 discard 3 is quite amazing. Discarding Lucemon Chaos Mode along with other targets for Hellscythe.

  20. I wanted to build this deck really badly (As I already had a Ophanimon Falldown deck and could reuse certain pieces) but sadly Lucemon going up to $40 a copy really puts it out of my range, even at 1. Along with the other 2 Mirei I need (and other copies of other cards I don't have from older sets) it's just above what I am able to freely spend on cardboard atm.

  21. If you don´t have the budget for the DemiMeramon eggs, or want to try something diferent, you may try this alternative for the egg's/rookies:

    x4 Tokomon (bt11-003)
    X4 Salamon (bt-072)
    x4 patamon (ex3-028)
    x2 candlemon (bt8-035) or x2 kotemon (bt11-037)
    x4 gatomon (st10-04)
    x1 gatomon (ex3-030)
    x1 angemon (bt11-38)
    x3 devimon (bt11-080)
    x2 angewomon (st10-05)
    x2 angewomon (bt11-042)
    x1 angewomon (X antibody) (bt9-040)
    x2 LadyDevimon (bt3-088)
    x2 LadyDevimon (bt11-083)
    x1 LadyDevimon (st10-12)
    x2 Lucemon: Chaos Mode (bt7-111) or for a budget option mephistomon (ex2-042)
    x3 Mastemon (st0-06)
    x1 ophanemon Falldown mode (bt8-082)
    Raguelmon (bt9-080)
    x1 ordinemon (bt9-082)
    x3 kari kamiya (bt8-090)
    x3 mirei mikagura (bt11-094)
    x1 calling from the darkness (bt7-107)
    x1 reinforcing memory boost! (bt6-100)
    x3 chaos degradation (st10-14)
    x2 flame hellscythe (bt8-109)

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