Toram Card Game! 【Toram Online/トーラムオンライン】#1351 -

Toram Card Game! 【Toram Online/トーラムオンライン】#1351

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6/3(Fri) 12:00 PM GMT+9 is the Toram Online Official Live Stream of Bemmo Channel

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[In this program, foreign MC Sarah learns to Toram.]
[The data used in production is borrowed from the development team.]

・Let’s Visit Your Land
・Toram Card Game!

Featuring:Sarah (Bemmo Channel Toram English MC)

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  1. I subscribed my 10 accounts to asobimo ch. Hope it helps. 😊

  2. It just Honest opinion… it's better if Toram Dev re-animates some normal attack animations for each job class because honestly, the normal attack movement gesture animations for each job class are very boring and seem monotonous (that's opinion I got from my newbie friend who just for the first time playing toram) and they mostly think the same thing is always like that…. I hope Dev Toram does a little renewable update of motion animation especially in normal attack animation…. thanks gmtoram is good game

  3. What The Hell 🤣
    Is 2S DTE+S Stuff join that Deck ?

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