trying to explain why you're upset about a card game -

trying to explain why you’re upset about a card game

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  1. Bro is really just mooing in his home. I would say that I wonder what his wife thinks if she's home, but she's probably used to this.

  2. 26 lands and I can count on one hand the number of games I’ve made it to turn 7 with more than 3 lands

  3. Please release your card game, I need to play this 😂

  4. At least you're not Galactose Intolerant.

  5. I know I commented 3 weeks ago on this video, but this guy is awesome!

  6. Please make this a real board game. Please, I want to play it. 😢

  7. Also when youre trying to build a new deck with a lot of cool ideas and people just play the same op cards

  8. Random comment on old video – actually tried marvel snap and it’s actually very good, one of the better cars games imo

  9. Playing on a PSP instead of a phone at the end is the perfect touch to this hilarity.

  10. I wonder how true to life this is in regards to his wife.

  11. so when is there going to be a cow card game?!???

  12. THAT’S your wife?!
    My man, you sure married up. 👏

  13. Why are you holding the PSP sideways

  14. those cheddar cubes look suspiciously like wingspan action cubes

  15. there should be a marvel snap mod with this cow theme

  16. Are the cheddar cubes actually Wingspan action cubes?

  17. why do people even bother asking "what's wrong?"

  18. This is why you always run Bulltron, could've easily negated the effects of tenure.

  19. "They gave Bessie Tenure" is such an incredible line both in and out of context. XD

  20. There's an obvious illegal move in this match, when he played the cloning cow into the slaughterhouse, not only does the cloning cow get butchered, but the clones should've also been butchered.

  21. Ah yes.. a game of air, land and cow simply excellent

  22. "No pay to win in the game" What a joke

  23. Holy shit. GaLactose. I JUST got that.

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