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Turn Based Strategy Games | Card Games (Setup) (P1)

Angus Fan
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I’m trying to add a card game aspect to the previous tactics style game. I’m going to document what approaches I attempt in order to complete the project in hopes that it may help someone who is looking to implement something similar. Hope this helps!
Unity Scriptable Objects:


  1. I have a quick question how would you do this in a multi-player environment?

  2. And here we have the exact form of content i need.

  3. Keep it up! This is exactly what I need. I'm a first time developer trying to adapt a deck building/tactical strategy board game I designed into a video game. Still struggling with my A*, so I need to finish that, but I will definitely be checking out your videos. Thank you!

  4. Good content…new subscriber…looking forward to what you have coming

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