UK: Pokémon Trading Card Game Raid Battle -

UK: Pokémon Trading Card Game Raid Battle

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Use your Pokémon TCG cards to take on powerful Boss Pokémon in exciting Raid Battles.


  1. I not fome uk and i think it's cool

  2. This is great, while I understand this is new. But a question I have and I assume most people will have is, will you make more bosses? Cause only 2 seems bland, I understand it new but I feel like that you should do that in the future

  3. These people legit used an evolutions charizard of all things.

  4. The sheer desperation of Pokémon company to force Pokémon Go inspired mechanics into other products of the franchise in hopes to have some of that audience migrate to other products (which they haven't been doing for all these years and probably won't any time soon) would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

  5. The online version is perfect for playing during the quarantine

  6. :everyone else wow

    :me wait pikachu vmax doesnt excist

  7. I dont understand everyone's Hype about this! all you do is pick your strongest attack, and then get randomly hit … and repeat until you win or lose

    what strategy is there? just chose some pokemon… doesn't matter as long as their attack at least matches the weakest of the Raid Bosses… and then watch it all randomly happen.

    am I missing anything? you might as well just get two pokemon cards, flip a coin and watch which pokemon wins.

  8. This could just have been a board game…

    Maybe I don’t know

  9. Ngl i played this with my friends and it was more fun than the actual game

  10. This… sounds a bit oversimplified, doesn't it? Like, you aren't even playing the TCG, really, you're just picking the biggest numbers. It could've been something like, you start play in a "training phase" where the players get to play out a certain number of turns to get their Pokemon, energy, and hands established. You could even make the raid boss' level dependent on the number of turns spent in prep, so in cases where, say, one player misses their final evolution, you can risk engaging a weaker raid boss now, and hoping to draw into it during the battle, or waiting for the draw, and facing a stronger boss. Then, when the players are ready to engage the boss, have it be drawn at random from a pile, so the players can't just cheese the boss' weakness or anything.

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  12. I want to ask that ash loves misty?
    Please please please answer!

  13. Don't call me Trainer, Im a politician idiot

  14. Me with my darkrai GX and Toxapex GX: time to instantly win this

  15. I made a small set of 55 pokemon to draw from and a set of boss pokemon which are ex gx and v pokemon and draw from the set of 55. It's like cube and the goal is to be the one to knock out the boss. No cheers and you can attack other players.

  16. there going to sell these in stores, just look it up, also alecreame will be added

  17. Why is he using the rare charizard card

  18. Bro, why the fuck won't the PTCGO devs add this along with a switch and mobile port? PTCGO is still the most outdated game still online available to tablets and nobody seems to talk about it..

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