UK: Pokémon Trading Card Game Raid Battle -

UK: Pokémon Trading Card Game Raid Battle

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Use your Pokémon TCG cards to take on powerful Boss Pokémon in exciting Raid Battles.


  1. Are the raid cards gigantic or not though? 🤔

  2. So new packs? And does this replace the old game?

  3. Pokémon Company, please reprint NEO: Genesis/Discovery/Revelation/Destiny thumbs up if you agree

  4. Cool but its gonna be very expensive right?

  5. It's a cool concept and will probably be fun playing it online but doing it with actual cards would probably not go well?

  6. Cool it will defenetly bring something fresh to the card game

  7. Want to learn how to play The Pokémon game but this is much simpler

  8. Please bring Pokemon to India officially so we can also play

  9. Never thought I’d see a Pokémon Company YouTube video with less than 1000 views.
    Edit: …so little veiws.*

  10. This is soooooo original

    Gen9:am i a joke to you?

  11. Jesus and God both love you Very much says:

    ,Whoever's reading this remember God loves you!

  12. I LOVE THIS!It's like a exact copy of a raid in Pokemon Sheild and Sword!

  13. this is quite interesting and another reason to make jumbo cards XD good job pokemon.

  14. How much money am i going have to pay?

  15. Next thing you now you will have to throw balls at the cards

  16. Just like the Game wow I’m very impressed with this

  17. i beg you please bring Serena back in Pokemon journeys

  18. Anyone who actually plays the TCG will never touch this

  19. I like this, it’s just Sword and Shield Raids but with math!
    No seriously… I like math

  20. Hey I would like there to be a colab with all the regions companions I was sad when sun and moon ended

  21. this makes more sense for cards then the game itself

  22. So cool!!!! Love it! Just like the real Raid Battles.

  23. Hmmmm… Is it just me or i wonder if you can use tag teams

  24. This is basically for all the people who have cards, but don't know how to play ptcg( it's a pretty complex game)

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