Un-set cards require creative solutions. #magicthegathering #mtg #mtgcommander #commanderathome - finalbosscardgame.com

Un-set cards require creative solutions. #magicthegathering #mtg #mtgcommander #commanderathome

Commander At Home
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From Commander at Home Episode 21. Watch the full episode here:


  1. Fading (battery life of your phone) is such an interesting mechanic 😂

  2. I faced this card I immediately covered my creatures there is no rule saying I can’t. And in true unfashion he cloned someone else’s creature

  3. By far the best vid yet lol. Need him back with another un deck

  4. BK on my mount rushmore with Finkel, Kai and LSV. Tell me im wrong. Hes still the fucking dragonmaster😂😂

  5. I've been binge-ing random EDH games for a the past several months now and I have to say, this is easily my favorite game of commander I've had the pleasure of watching. The fact that an UN-deck was allowed does make for an UNfair comparison, but still, holy shit was that funny.

  6. By far my favorite edh channel right now. No big editing just playing magic and having fun, its nice to watch

  7. Hahaha this moment later became soooo unbelievably clutch

  8. This was such a funny episode to watch.

  9. That brings the vanishing mechanic to a whole new level haha

  10. This was the best game of commander I've watched in a long time. I laughed so freaking hard😂😂😂😂

  11. This is easily my favorite episode so far. The only way I could see that being topped is if someone can kill Ben with commander damage

  12. Um, isn't Zedruu legendary? The "photo" part of photocopy doesn't matter with the legend rule….

  13. Wheres that frame In the background from. The frame with the cards In it 😊??

  14. I ROFL so hard. 🤣 Need to rewatch the episode.

  15. I'm so happy Brian convinced the table to allow the UNdeck. That episode was insane and so fun!

  16. The guy who wears a helmet looks like a nerd everyday except one…

  17. I'm sure I'm very late to this party, but why does it say "unlive" in the captioning instead of die?

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