Unbox! UNO 50th ANNIVERSARY #unboxing #toys #card #games #shorts - finalbosscardgame.com

Unbox! UNO 50th ANNIVERSARY #unboxing #toys #card #games #shorts

Faith Alien
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UNO 50th ANNIVERSARY edition!! What comes with this special edition?

-New special design black textured card
-Commemorative gold coin which is part of the gameplay
-Rules card (with new special rules of gameplay!!)
-Special UNO keychain

Definitely more fun! Can’t wait to share more with y’all!! 👽👽👽


  1. How much cost and are there more cards than in normal uno?

  2. Good unboxing but the keychain at the start of the vid, it was not there when I baught the 50th aneversery pack but could just be a addition/exlusive/limitud time so yeah its a bit odd

  3. Greetings from Romania, I agree the keychain isn't in my set I bought yesterday and I am jealous. I would buy it if I knew where to buy…

  4. How do you find that???
    When I check in Amazon in then I can’t find
    I only have uno flip

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