UNO (card game) Rule Change! -

UNO (card game) Rule Change!

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  1. It’s the same rules as uno the old rules are call speedo

  2. The stacking wasn’t in the original rules though that was a change on its own

  3. Everything that was going to listen to the rules are they gonna keep the old rules

  4. Bro lost a uno game and decided to change the rules

  5. You know the guy how made uno is the only person how can change the rules on the spot

  6. this is the new way to play is the way I have always played it. huh

  7. You're talking about doubles not the actual rules

  8. Bro me and my family have always done this I always thought that was how you played anyway🥲

  9. I've been playing it like that since 1995 born in 1982 that's a lot is gone that I don't see no more figure that theory out

  10. UNO doesn't know how to play UNO. I'll play however i want

  11. I will not follow the rules i will put out 2 and you put 2

  12. Didn't change ther rule spoke out on it always being a household rule.

  13. I love the fact that people have been playing the draw 4 card.

  14. That would be on Roblox then. . .

  15. Okay first of all I got confused because how I play Uno this is what I said on the box okay okay I got confused when you said someone puts down draw two cards and then the other person could do the same thing but I could be a different color but when I play it if I put down a to draw card or someone else the other person could put the color and that's the only thing that's how I play and that's what sat on a box

  16. Hey the thing got a name it's called defense

  17. I’m not gonna do that rules. Do not mean anything.

  18. They didn’t charge the rules it’s a different way to play the first way he said it’s called staking 😑staking is actually the original way to play and the second one he talked about is the beginner way

  19. And yet Ubisoft hasn’t changed it…

    …unless they update it which I’m really hoping they don’t

  20. can you guys make yourselves seem less staged/fake?

  21. Me and my family who never played by the rules: welp we don't care 💀

  22. 😂 I like stacking draw cards especially draw 4 it's more fun

  23. This is not true Plus in the Uno game like the actual game on consoles and mobile you can stack

  24. the thing with uno is that everyone plays in there own way, if uno changes something it has no affect 💀

  25. *House rules has left the chat*

  26. the rules are if you convince the other players what rules you want even if it not the right rules 🤣🤣

  27. Man who tf exclusively sticks to Uno's official rules, everyone does house rules

  28. What happens when we use the reverse card instead of the skip card?

  29. I have a 1972 UNO deck and it clearly states that when you play a Draw 2, they next player draws two cards and ends their turn.
    You have never been allowed to stack on a draw 2's according to the rules.

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