UNO With The Family... -

UNO With The Family…

Ryan HD
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  2. Too relatable honestly this is my family when Playing uno
    Dad:the one who gets color blindness and reveals his last card
    Mom:the one who "doesn't mind" if she loses but actually sweats to beat us
    Younger brother:the one who says that he wants to be "teams" with me but ends up betraying me also very lucky and has a guaranteed+4
    Me:the target of bombs and always gets another set of cards before even moving (sigh)

  3. me being youngest and tortured every damn f ing time

  4. My mom is even worse. There's only 2 of us yet she does play favorites… based on which one is being a POS that day

  5. I fell the pain of being a middle child😢….Pls like

  6. I'm oldest child in my family but. I only have one annoying sister

  7. I played this game and just change 1 rule to pick 3 cards every time you want to pick one and that game gone 5 hours 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. UNO oh we’ll DOS

    Got me rolling 😂😂😂😂

  9. The most relatable family doesn’t exist!

    This dudes family:Bombastic Sideye 👁👄👁

  10. POV:You think there is no such thing as a relatable family- Then you see this 👁👄👁

  11. As a middle child this isn’t true. As an older daughter I did everything all the chores and felt ignored but I wasn’t left out

  12. bro the dad just wanted and those two ruined the game

  13. The mom doesn't do that to the middle child because I'm the middle child and she tells me To do everything for her and I'm her fav 😏✨

  14. Blunder giving the middle child a flagship samsung phone and not a $300 energizer phone or something.

  15. This time sister is left the game. How💀

  16. As the youngest this is true except theres actually no favourite and the middle just never plays

  17. I get the middle child… because I am the middle child

  18. In my family, the middle child, who is 37 and never moved out and has 3 kids is treated the best. I'm the youngest and have been kicked out for my heroin addiction at 16 years old. Understandable but my brother, who does Xanax, steals, and hits my dad never got put out once. I've had to sleep outside for months at a time but my older brother behaves worse than my heroin addicted self and gets babies more. My girlfriend of two years sees this and I always got gaslit my entire life for it. I'm 26 now.

  19. As a middle child,i can confirm this thag we don't show anyone of the interest in their activities 💀💀

  20. Funny Videos👍 It's good that you're reputed Because you did not and will not get a tattoo

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