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Unreliable Wizard (Review) – a small solo card game

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  1. Hmm, I love the game, its beatufiull in its simplicity, but now that you mention it, it would be cool if there were more noncombat decisions, would spice up the gameplay a bit

  2. Great video. Thank you for this review. You are my go-to boardgame reviewer when it comes to dungeon crawling games. Honestly it looks an interesting game to spend some minutes on.I would like that the producers find a way to sell it outside the crowdfunding scheme.

  3. what I don't get is how to get more cards in your hand at the start of combat to do more dmg and build the grimoire II combinations…

  4. I broke down and picked up a copy of this. Haven't played yet. Was gonna play tonight, but the cat has claimed the table at the moment.I can see what you mean though. This does seem like a logic puzzle type of thing, which I like. But also see the lack of real theme being integrated into the gameplay getting a little stale.

  5. It does have a really cool and simple look. I also like the innovative design and how the cards are used. I agree with your take on it, there isn't adventure per se, just combat. And for me, it seems to take up a lot of table space and lots more tracking and upkeep than I would expect. Thanks for the playthrough.

  6. You can be both right, everyone has different tastes. Would love to see Tin/Iron Helm on Gamefound

  7. You absolutely need a dungeon dive seal of approval. I don't know if you have noticed this, but click on almost any BGG game that you have talked about, and on the section of "Fans Also Like" contain mostly games that you have also talked about. I can't help but think fans of the genre take your opinion very seriously.

  8. I love ALL of Dungeon Dive’s videos. This looks goofy and fun!

  9. I think Unreliable Wizard is meant to be more like Mage Knight than your typical adventure game; no story or events, heavy focus on combat, recruiting units, moving across a hex landscape generally northwards, and powering up to defeat a final boss. I avoided Unreliable Wizard because I already have Mint Knight, which is Mage Knight ultra-condensed, as well as Champions of Hara which plays like Mage Knight but with mechanics I greatly prefer.

  10. Thanks for the video. I debated a lot during the kickstarter but ultimately didn't pull the trigger. The overall gameplay didn't grab me enough. I really wanted to love this game.

  11. Dungeon Dive seal of approval! Yes, I would also buy anything with that. You have fantastic taste

  12. I have this but haven't played it yet. Keep in mind that the dice tower praise came from one specific reviewer Mike D who isn't really a big fan of most dungeon crawls. Perhaps this appeals more to euro type solo gamers more.

  13. I don't own this game but here is my view of it from your presentation alone. I like the tension where you are required to make smart decisions to get to the end. The cards are charming with nice art and style. This game looks refreshing from the standard dungeon crawl games. I doubt I would buy this game at this time. But perhaps when I am looking for something new.

    Thank you for the quick look. Two questions. Have you defeated the demon lord in this game? Off topic, when will you show us Ker Nethalas. I am eager to get your opinion.

    Yes, a Dungeon Dive seal of approval is a excellent idea. Take care!

  14. I would insta buy anything with a dungeon dive seal of approval

  15. Daniel just casually proving that Dice Tower knows absolutely nothing about dungeon crawlers

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