Vanguard Card Restrictions Update (April 2023) -

Vanguard Card Restrictions Update (April 2023)

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  1. Can someone explain to this casual standard player what makes engilsa so dangerous in premium?

  2. I didn't think about how making the eva card a promo would also make it unhittable and also expensive. SHitty situation all around. Guess Jet is too new and we gotta wait 2 months for something to powercreep it out of existence while the decks that eva and chronojet powercrept also go further behind.

  3. In the words of Katsuhiro Harada; "I'm very upset. Shut up! and sit the hell down."..This Standard list left me with a salty taste.

  4. I'm very sad katrina got unbanned, I don't play premium but people know japan and English don't follow the same list so everyone buying out katrina for dumb prices was very dumb. I remember people selling combines because it got hit with Eva in japan, hope they feel stupid

  5. I am Happy for Eva that they didn't limited Combine Rusher (tho i wouldnt had any problem since i could Just go for Abent Robust). Tho limiting the Promo to 1 would really be a huge impact to the deck.

  6. I like the wests preservation of old formats, at least it makes sure we don't throw away all the old cards into a dumpster.

    Also that Entarahna not being hit is undefendable outside of "don't make it broken in the first place", other decks can at least compete with fish and not be completely curbstomped.

    There is also something sad about banning Highlander and then releasing a full power Katrina into the wild. I would understand if it was unrestricted to 1 but 4 is bushi insane?

  7. Still no idea why Spangled, still don't particularly care to find out either.

    Just outsider curiosity that doesn't need to be fulfilled

  8. Sh*t, if you don't mind me trolling with V Premium Chaos or Hyakki, let's squad up

  9. Noooo! Steam maiden! But I get it. But now the next top deck is gonna power creep.

  10. Yeah I herd from someone in jp that they absolutely HATE premium. Can't confirm this though. In the Digimon TCG I've noticed a trend (that no one wants to admit) that jp just wants to play what's new not just what's good and that has very big effects on there event turn out, Where as we in the West are complete meta shills and u have to pry decks from our cold dead hands. This might have something to do with why jp just doesn't like or wanna play premium or v premium cause I guess v premium is just not that huge over there at least by comparison. Long and front of it is jp TCG player bases just hate living in the past vs that being all the West likes to do

  11. I'm just glad my boy Aglovale didn't get hit, that was just nonsense especially because it doesn't accomplish anything (other than killing off Bluish Flames) After all Edmund is still a thing.

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