Very interesting game!#poker -

Very interesting game!#poker

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  1. Какой сюжет, какая режессура, а уж игра актеров вообще топ!Несите оскара!

  2. man with A he had 4J and high card you had only 4nines

  3. U have a royal straight flush he has 4of a kind Royal flush wins

  4. The person with the j on the table and in his hand

  5. Я не разбираюсь. Кто победил?

  6. Opponent wins with ace high straight vs your pair of 9s

  7. Oponent wins. When playing Omaha you're obliged to use two of your hole cards. The oponent best possible hand is three of a kind. The man who's recording best possible hand is a pair of 9.

  8. This is not royal flash 9 flash -A flash 2 card need royal flash and streattflash😂(ex 9"A ) need one hand

  9. Gg id 449795. Join to play online poker

  10. This hurt my brain he wins with a straight, there are no flushes out there

  11. Opponent wins – royal flush, u only have a straight flush

  12. royal vs 4k or strait flush all win royal oponent wins

  13. ACE and Jacks win. 3 jacks beats 3 nines in Omaha. The other cards are crap.

  14. Nove, dieci, il fante, la donna ed il re. Minima reale batte massima reale.

  15. I suck at poker but I'm getting pretty good at blackjack. Hugewin is my practice field

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