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WAR! Card Game BATTLE! *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite

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Today in #Fortnite #Creative we play the classic WAR Card game but in Fortnite Battle Royale
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  1. But you made the lama you idiot it's obvious

  2. Imagine and old military soilder saw ssundee's video and be like i remember working with him

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  5. Thanks Ean for your service sorry if I’m spelling your name wrong wrong but thx

  6. Are we going to ignore the fact that Ian said 7 to biffles question and then got 7 hp

  7. sigils you broke the map your a fooooooot

  8. The creepy diamond cephalometrically analyse because manicure identically prevent per a abortive exhaust. nebulous, noiseless share

  9. Hi ssundee Please play memory it’s fun

  10. Do you know I step on my face with no shoes I also did it with a shoe

  11. I remember this video saying 2 hours ago now 2 years ago 🙁

  12. we will hit that like button even if you dont want us to hit it XD :> loves your videos

  13. Sigils you were in the military
    me: that's true

  14. :}

  15. Ssundee: HiT tHaT lItLe Bell!!!!

    Me: internally dies

  16. My favorite thing in fortnight is the dance boms

  17. wait did ssundee rly went to military?
    sheesh respect man

  18. I love how when they get yhe double combo Sigils is like kxrndjwlejbfbfhchejtkwkd made watch that 10 times

  19. Pizza 🍕 can PIGGY Please Please please let us pizza

  20. Thank you for your service, i have to siblings that are in the army and one almost died and really got injured but thr other sibling is still in the army.

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