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War of the Ring – BUT CARDSS

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Matt continues his decade-long love-letter to War of the Ring – the game he hated, then loved, and still doesn’t own a copy of. It’s a chunky box for something that maybe only gets brought out twice in a decade? But oho! What is THIS? Can this retooled cards-only version of the strategy epic serve as a decent replacement? Can CARDS ALONE do justice? Maybe one simply CAN wander into Mordor, for a laugh? Just for the fun of it? Some of this and MORE, in today’s Lord of the Rings extravaganazaza, War of the Ring: The Card Game.

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  1. That card game has been out for ages where you been hideing man 👍

  2. I’ve got War of the Ring…I’ve got no-one to play it with, but one day if someone I meet at random says they want to play it, I want the option to. It’s an aspirational game for me.

  3. After each video it's like… check bank account. But I wantsss it….

  4. Is Matt alright? Because he sounds like he is suffering from a burn out. stay sane buddy.

  5. It's nice to hear Matt's ludological analysis again. It seems to have been on hiatus recently, so a welcome return!

  6. This review cracked me up. Awesome sensibilities all around, as always. And I super wanna play this game. The full War of the Ring boardgame looks awesome, but a little too involved and time consuming for my wife’s taste. This however might be spot on.

  7. Did anyone else get vertigo from the geometric adventure tube or was that just me? 😂🤢

  8. Iam so grateful for your content. Thank you very much.

  9. You really had me checking the well-being of Sean Bean, followed by Rowan Atkinson.

  10. You folks are still the best in the business at what you do. The entertainment value is off the charts.

  11. Team Based Cards? Oi, Innovation still exists with its 2v2 rule! And Unmatched works swell for quick romps between exactly two or exactly four players.

  12. Seems like quite a neat game :)! Thank you for the review <3

  13. Great review and rundown of the game Matt. A friend owns the main game but he’s not one for reading rules and so the first, and only, time we played the game was when he unwrapped it and tried to read the rules as we were trying to play. Never again…

    So I’ve had it for years now, sitting on my shelf and I’ve tried on a few occasions to grok the rules but it’s pretty intense so this version really appeals to me.

    I’ve also got Star Wars: Rebellion and really love it since I’m more of a Star Wars guy than a Lord of the Rings guy so I don’t feel the need to own War of the Ring: 2nd Edition myself but I’d still like to play it at least once before my friend sells it.

  14. Another great review. My birthday’s coming up, and I was thinking of buying myself a new game. Between these 3, Hansa Teutonic, Concordia, and Century: Eastern Wonders, which should I get?

  15. so that's how the box got that dent from the beginning

  16. Is everything O.K., Matt?

    Good to know. Thank you.

  17. I just had to pause the video at "Breakfast-deviant Children-men" OMG the best description of hobbits ever. Line of the year.

  18. Best intro I've seen in a long time lol hmmMMMMmmmmm!!

  19. If only Magic the Gathering would make a Lord of the Rings set.

  20. How does it cost 50 dollars or more for just cards??

  21. So, from the review, I'm getting – yeah it's good, but it's no Top Trumps. Cheers Matt.

  22. Matt forgot his male privilege when he did the pocket gag lol

  23. I can't believe the origin story of Tom was revealed.

  24. TIL there was a board game version of War of the Ring. I only knew the BFME version.

  25. I will be your Sean Beans in your burrito of needs.

  26. Has anybody ever to quinns he looks like the guy who talks to the people in willy wonka right after they find a golden ticket?

  27. I just played this last weekend and loved it! Easy to set up and easy to take down, and the cards help to remind you of the rules and flow of play.

    I’m really excited to play the 2v2 mode with my friends, and I think it’s a great substitute for the gargantuan board game which most casual board gamers would find intimidating.

    I would love to play the proper War of the Ring board game one day, but for now this card game is a great alternative to easily jump in & jump out with my group of friends.

  28. Matts use of language is one of my favourite parts of SUSD

  29. That Wavebird joke was very real, I felt that

  30. Glad to see that you recognize the greatness of Undertale ❤

  31. thanks for another wonderful video – entertaining and informing me what I should buy …… I'm buying

  32. "Why won't these breakfast deviant children men just die?"

  33. So is it a great, fantastic game or just an average?

  34. …But does it come with a 2 million dollar one ring card?

  35. It’s such a joy to hear Matt’s cloudy thoughts on game design.

  36. Matt finally solves the Eagle problem: Eat them and sell the ring on Etsy

  37. Hold on a tic, does he have TWO copies of Cockroach Poker?!? The luxury!

  38. I think it would've been interesting to at least mention the LotR:LCG by FFG. Different kinds of games, but also similar in a way.

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