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War of the Ring Seminar – presented by Roberto Di Meglio – recorded at UKGE 2022

Ludus Vulpes
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Kirsty and Phil of Ludus Vulpes were lucky enough to attended a seminar during, UK Games Expo 2022 presented by Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games covering all things War of the Ring.

Roberto talks about his history with the game and his passion for the source material. How from an early draft of a game, which he wanted to play with his friends; through to the game we all know and love today.

Covering War of the Ring, Hunt for the Ring and the much anticipated War of the Ring the card game, during this presentation you’ll learn how it all started, where we are today and what the future has in store.

Towards the end of the presentation he talks about the upcoming expansion the Kings of Middle Earth, before taking questions from the audience.

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  1. 52:40 lol I had to laugh when you mentioned the quantum mechanic approach when finding the fellowship. It‘s what we always joke about when playing the game 😂

  2. Thank you very much for the insights in the design process and the overall lovely panel. I'm really excited now for the card game, although I never manage to get WotR to the table. 🙁

  3. What I find so genius about the game, is that it lets you experience so many alternative stories in Middle Earth. Sometimes it does not feel like playing a game but suffering with the characters and armies of your faction.

  4. Thanks so much for making this available for those not in the uk.
    This was a blast to watch (I love bg history) plus your edit made it a much better experience than just recording the video

  5. Would there be a possibility that there can be an expansion to the Battle of Five Armies game, which would include a 'what if?' scenario just like the expansions for the War of the Ring, but it can be focused on the characters of Smaug and Azog to remain alive during this event?

  6. Using eye dice to corrupt the free people's leaders is such a creative use for the seemingly wasted hunt dice.

  7. The art for the new card game is absolutely stunning. That artist has some serious talent.

  8. Can't wait to get my hands on the card game!

  9. While watching him revealing the characters of the Kings expansion, I just think: "please no vampire king, please no vampire king…" 😀
    Well maybe it will be playable without.

  10. Why wasn't The Battle of Five Armies mentioned as part of the game series?
    I do realise that the events of the game happened 77 years prior to the War of the Ring (which started with the 1st battle of Osgiliath) and cannot be included in 'the War of the Ring' per se, but still… an honourable mention? 😅 Anyway, thanks for posting. Very interesting!

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