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War of the Ring: The Card Game 2 Player Duel Scenario Playthrough

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A full playthrough of the 2 Player Duel Scenario for War of the Ring: The Card Game based in the Lord of the Rings universe, which is published by @AresGameschannel

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  1. First half hour is nothing. Gameplay starts after that.

  2. In a 2-player game EACH FP player must forsake 1 card?? 2 cards are forsaken or only 1?

  3. This game mode for 2p really looks like a mess. I don't know why anyone would play this over the other mode where you have two decks each.

  4. You really have a great stream setup. It makes for a great watch. Well done.

  5. Doug can try playing two handed solo. Playing two handed solo is often the funnest way to play games solo.

  6. Careful, Rob. Your search for the evil you wish to vanquish might end in your own mirror.

    At least Evil Rob is more fun to watch than """good""" Galadriel from Rings of Power. XD

  7. Note, you never add corruption to a Path, you add it to the shadow player's pool.

  8. Would love to watch, the setup is mostly great, but I am not going to sit and squint to try to read cards.

  9. Will you ever invite two friends over to play Trilogy the better way?

  10. They both can use their Ring for 3 extra cards EACH round!!

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