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Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at this cooperative card game version of Warhammer Quest.

00:00 – Introduction
01:26 – Game overview
12:05 – Final thoughts

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  1. I agree with you. A pleasant surprise. The mechanics are streamlined whilst still feeling like a dungeon crawl/action RPG.

  2. Thanks Tom for another great review!
    I just bought this game a few days ago, and it's still in shrink wrap. I thought I might have bought this one a bit too fast… Guess what? I'm opening it right now, and I'm super glad I bought it! Yeah!

  3. The Angel game you mentioned is Death Angel. Just in case someone wants to know.

  4. Finally, the review I've been patiently waiting for. Thank you so much for your work, Tom!

  5. First i thought meh… Then i played it… Oh boy, what a cool game! Replaces lotr lcg for me.

  6. Bought LOTR lcg not too long ago… Bought this – Damnit, now I don't need LOTRlcg any more 🙁 This game is just too good if you are in the mood for some card co op.

  7. Prey is the most wounds, not the most hit points.

  8. feedback – not a fan of the cacophony at the end, too much noise, not quite pleasant, too loud under the end of the final thoughts.

  9. I kept waiting for Holly to pop up, but she never did. I was a little surprised she was going to be playing this game, but I guess it was just an oops. 😉

  10. I really like this game, but for me, I still prefer the Lord of the Rings LCG as it is a deeper game, is more of a challenge, and just has so much more content available for it currently. In time that may change assuming this one gets more expansions, but even then it'll still be tough to replace the LotR:LCG in my collection. I have the Death Angel game as well, but have yet to play it so I can't make any comparisons to that one as of yet.

  11. Great review, thanks! I don't see this game ever having the depth to replace LotR LCG, but I bet I'll enjoy it as occasional lighter option.

  12. My favorite board gaming is fantasy gaming, whether its adventure games like Talisman, Runebound or Prophecy, or dungeon crawls like Tomb or the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System Board Games. So I had high interest in this.

    I think it is ok at best. It currently resides as my 106th favorite game, so it doesn't even make the top 100. However, if it had come out 15 years ago or earlier I would have loved it. I think for those who want Fantasy solo play they may like it, or if they want a game where you can level up between games, fans may like this as well. Since I am not into card games, I did not see the appeal, but fans of the LoR card game seem to like this as well. I, prefer Cutthroat Caverns, myself, as a fantasy card game.

    Warhammer Quest is an okay game, but in my opinion and the guy who played it with me, felt it did not make a splash in the fantasy board game arena. Unless, you are looking for the things I mentioned above: solo play, leveling between games, and a Fantasy card game.

  13. I own both the LOTR LCG and Death Angel. Death Angel sees quite a bit more play than LOTR, but I really enjoy both a lot. The fact that this is kind of a combo of both has my attention. I wasn't overly interested in this game, although curious about it. This review has me definitely wanting it though.

  14. Finally! I've been waiting for the review of this. Glad to hear it's good… I'm hoping to find it under the tree in a few days.

  15. So, I have to ask now that's it's happened with the last several video reviews in a row: what's up with the new music at the end of the videos? It plays over the old music while Eric talks and it's a bit… cacophonous… is that a word? :/ Great review, though. 🙂

  16. Got a chance to play this and Gen Con and fell in love with it! Would play this anytime over LOTR LCG or the Pathfinder card game.

  17. It would be nice if GW reprinted WHQ…
    I've still got my old copies, but still….

  18. lol that the theme of this game is better than LoTR. I really like Warhammer though and wanted to like this game but the card design is very blah. The artwork from LoTR LCG is way better. Also, I highly doubt this game will ever replace LoTR, that's one of FFG's best sellers. There's 3 podcasts devoted to it, 6+ well known blogs and an extremely active community.

  19. i was sceptical at first when i bought this game as there arent many reviews out there yet. After playing several game with my friends.. I am super glad I bought it! very smooth mechanic, challenging and fun! One of yhe best game I played this year!

  20. I've been playing this game a bunch!!! Great game.

  21. From the previews, I thought this was meant to be a Pathfinder ACG competitor. Closer to LOTRLCG? Huh.

  22. I was positively surprised by this game too. I expected a little bit mindless dice-rolling card-flipping dungeon crawler but it turned out to be a very clever optimization game, nicely streamlined yet full of theme. Very cool.

  23. It's neat that they have advanced version of actions, but i thought it would be even great to have a completely different actions to replace your current ones. Or even say replace Fight action with another Aid etc. So you can adjust your character to your style more.

  24. Thanks for the greatly presented review. Very informative! New subscriber on the move, have a great day!

  25. how does this compare to Pathfinder the cardgame?
    I own that one but we don't play it all that often so i'd like to know where this ends up compared to that one…i like the GW themes but buying a game just for that? meh…

  26. For a moment I thought this game was designed by Adam Sandler, lol!

  27. So disappointed that FF severed their relationship with GW. Was really looking forward to expansions. Maybe FF will adopt this system for a Lord of the Rings LCG second edition (dare to dream)…

  28. YES!!! This system is back!!!

    And set in Terrinoth (my FAVOURITE tabletop IP) 😊

  29. This game is great but the rule book is horrendous and hard to refer. Luckily u can find fan made guide online from bggeek. I recommended u print the playmat w the guides as well. It helps a lot. Especially if u pick up this game again after a long long time. Too bad we wont be able to see any expansions of this game anymore..

  30. Love the art work! Too bad they lost the license and it never got content. Considering getting it just for the artwork anyway.

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