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Warpforge GAMEPLAY – Warhammer 40k’s Brand New Card Game

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Finally got my hands on Warpforge. Ultra Marines vs Orks. Lets go.

This video was brought to you by Warpforge.
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  1. i don’t even like card games but this looks fun

  2. I wonder will they implement certain chapters into the game, other than the Ultramarines. Since I'd love to be able to play my beaky bois the Raven Guard and Imperial Fist.

  3. No Enchantment, Aura, Artifact, Land etc etc. Cards. I don't know this type of card games bore me to death. It is far more stupid hearthstone go bzzrr aggrooooo than it is magic. Just Spam as much units as you can use 1 or 2 "spell" cards and that's it… so lame. Only other good cardgame I ever stumbled upon besides MTG is Spellweaver. It is in my opinion the best Cardgame ever. But it is a dead game now with no further updates. I really hoped for more in Warpforge.

  4. I really hope the economy is better than in the horus heresy card game, the worst part of that great card game is the shop system.

  5. My God, were the 40k Commander decks all a ploy to draw MtG players into this?

  6. Sweet that the sponsor did not see what have being said before about the "no mtg card game with w40k have any hope"

  7. I like how Warpforge is relying less on randomness so far. Because one of the issues with Legions is just how many chance affects there are. I'm not against gambling in children's card games (gameplay wise) but I'm glad it's implemented less.

  8. I just played for about 1.5 hours and I have had a total blast! I think I have a 30% winrate through, but it is still really fun to play. I had the 10 cost Ork card dropped on me in my first game and boy that was rough.

  9. The only things that are certain in card games are death, taxes, and Marneus having an ability that draws cards.

  10. My biggest complaint about the last game is that it was a loot box for primarchs aka the most powerful commanders. Yes sometimes you can buy them for special events, but there is no dust system or guarantee if you collect every other card in a set you will unlock the last remaining (even when you have reached the limit for every card). If they did something to change this i would maybe think about going back.

  11. This actually look fun. But I'm really not diving into any more mobile style games. Good on you for the review. Well done.

  12. Had a pretty good time playing it. Really can't wait until the decks can be taken apart and improved.

  13. I played Legions and am hyped for Warpforge and want to play the demo buy got nothing to play it on…

  14. Oh, this will definitely be something I'm checking out. WAAAGH!

  15. Hello,will it be on mobile?Thank you in advance

  16. I’m hoping that for the full release we get to see more of the subfactions. If I’m able to make a thousand sons deck, I’ll be a happy man.

  17. It certainly looks interesting. I do hope it eventually gets some kind of Path of Champions equivalent from Runeterra. Getting relics and warhear to augment your decks was always cool.

  18. I’ve never heard of a 40k card game before had I not seen this video, it would’ve stayed that way

  19. Game looks sweet, I'll probably check it out.

  20. its weak. more HH legions with new army's. expect a small number of lifers that fill up the chat and an ocean of people that check it out, spend money, then blast it in the review.

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