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We made a monster fighting card game | Banana Katana

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It’s Banana Katana! Duncan’s made this hilarious monster fighting card game and it’s so much fun!
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  1. Ben's rendition of the Romans reminds me of Monty Python: Life of Brian

  2. Imagine how many forests you'd have to chop down to make the paper for printing out Wikipedia, even thats sending me insane

  3. This video made me laugh so hard 10/10 would watch so much more of this

  4. I feel like a ton of American businesses still run on hole punchers. Lol

  5. Just got mine in yesterday! Can't wait to give it a playthrough! Might just have to buy a camera and record everything, seeing that this is the only video of the game on here.

  6. I like this it’s like cards against humanity meets super fight

  7. I used to use hole punches for school all the time, but that was a couple years ago

  8. I actually still use a hole punch! Kinda. I have to bind Music and to do that I have to punch holes into it. That counts right?

  9. Man this is a good game, I loved the talk show thing with the bed. You could of said since it's in roman times you can make a myth about the bed that explains why everyone disappears like "If you can sleep in the bed overnight you would become king but the unworthy would disappear". The entire roman army has a chance to become king and all they have to do is sleep in the bed overnight? That's a good one.
    Also the hair ray, You could make all the soldier grow their hair to the point where it blocks their vision and/or make it so long that because they're all side by side next to each other they'd be stepping on everyone elses hair so one of them moves up and just get yanked back cause his hair is so long that like 6 people are standing on it.

  10. Just one thing, do you buy another 1 card of each color to replenish the used ones?

  11. i had no idea what ravs looked like up until now i just imagined him looking like snake lmao

  12. I actually like the tabletop category, I don't really like ttt or among us but it's really nice just watching you guys play dnd or card games

  13. I just love the Roman centurian like "can i have a 99 please?"

  14. Wait a minute. A large Monkey, that throws barrels, which is dealt with via a helicopter that shoots (bananas)? I've played that game on a 3.5 inch floppy disk computer. Second level was impossible though. You had to move constantly or the monkey would hit you immediately. Which is complicated because you also had to save two people. And the moment you got close you got hit anyway.

    Oh, and to make matters legally distinct; the monkey was on a giant tower. Like, at the top. I don't know if that has any significance though.

    And we've got about two holepunches. Still useful for paper administration.

  15. I picture the ice cream truck similar to Sarge's Warthog from RvB. The Roman Army will be advancing and then, "Whats that noise?" Then a truck comes barreling over the hill…

  16. Duncan creates a game:
    Lewis' video title: We made a game

  17. I think a setting or field card that goes with the monster would be a cool addition.

  18. So I had never seen ravs or Ben before this as I had watched a lot of the ttt videos and they don’t look like I thought they would

  19. Not gonna lie, this is suspiciously alike to Superfight

  20. The contingent from the fortified camp of Compendium are especially worried the hair gun

  21. Ducan out here wearimh yeezys and a nike tech zipper. Duncan2trappy 🥶🥶

  22. It is sort of a ripoff of another game where you use cards to fight a monster.

  23. I have used a hole punch a few times with putting things into binders

  24. I love this so much. Also these boys are adorable

  25. My Girlfriend uses a "Hole Punch" Almost every day in her office Lewis dw <3

  26. I love that Ravs looks like he is wearing a baby shirt and it makes the entire video funnier

  27. so.. note, there are 53,583,134 pages on Wikipedia. And each of those pages are probably 2 or 3 sides of A4.

    so an entire printed copy would be, well, colossal.

  28. i think that them social distancing here is nothing but publicity. You all know full well that they were not social distancing prior to filming

  29. I use a hole punch at work every day lmao

  30. I work at an office supply store in America. No one owns a hole puncher but everyone needs it apparently as they keep coming into the store to use it as well as the stapler.

  31. The ice cream van is like twisted metal 🤣🤣

  32. i used a hole punch to make the punched out hole remain bits – discount, much larger glitter!

  33. Great game.

    Too bad it is no longer available for purchase… Q.Q

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