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We turned BTD 6 into a CARD GAME!

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We turned BTD 6 into a CARD GAME!
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In today’s challenge Sabre and Tewtiy will be presented with three cards every so often. When that happens they must choose a card or lose their lives. But all of these cards suck! Will this card game be the end of them or will they overcome this difficulty!?

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  1. Sabre doesn’t wanna place a banana farm!?!?!?

  2. I like that ninja monkey's pet is a ninja kiwi

  3. Today I just beat Impopable on dark castle AND yesterday I got my second black border. My inspiration comes from you guys… thank you.

  4. Tewtiy Knew I Wanted To See A Big Thicc BAD

  5. Bro got auto selected skip 10 rounds😂😂😂

  6. btd card battles but you can’t see the opponent and the cards are swapped

  7. Me:
    gets bye bye monkey on accident
    Me on round 99: D=< ARE YOU KIDDING ME FINGERS

  8. Sabre:why did it reset my ace off of wingmonkey?me:because you got centered path bro


    no way

  10. 1:51 I think the pierce Cards get actualy less bad if you pick more than one, just calculate the equation writen on it. 3:33 This is unfair, it shouldn't give more Cards or Note it on the Skip-Card that it'll sreroll more cards. Without this unfair trap, he'd have a chance to built BFB defenses after regualr 5 actual-played-through rounds. 6:35 Nice you re friends. /:22 Why you not upside down them again? 16:32 Just wlike it was with the BFB-lie of tewity, sabre should be allowed to restart round here instead of restart full game. Hope he at least restarts whole game so old cards are deactivated.

  11. Their is just one god thing, the tiny bolons

  12. 4 shadowing to bloons card battles

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