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Werewolf – Party Card Game

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This card game for devious people, discovered by The Grommet, has werewolves trying to hide their identity as they pick off other players one by one.


  1. Hand sown? Whaaat? Amazon only gave me cardboard.

  2. "Werewolf…Finally a chance to deceive and murder your closest friends and loved ones" Nuff said. Pass. Another 'game' teaching how to do what politicians have been doing to the world for decades. Secret Hitler is a great example of this, but these games are just clones of previous games that are nearly identicle in both gameplay and design. Whoever claims they did anything original with this game is a liar, but that makes perfect sense too.

  3. i don't get it.. whats everyone supposed to do?

  4. There needs to be a app for this to make it more fun

  5. he didn't invent those roles, I've played basically those ones for years.

  6. You can freaking play it without buying the cards

  7. Basically The Resistance but complicated x 100

  8. Is it just me or does this game sound a lot like Mafia??

  9. played a version of this game for the first time last week, we played 2 games and in BOTH games we killed off the Seer in the first round of town lynchings XD

  10. this game sucks.
    I rather play snk games on an emulator.

  11. i dont understand how you find out though. ARE YOU THE WOLF? no? so ok now what?

  12. We played this game, but it was called Mafia.

  13. In short. Some american "designer" basically just stole old and popular "Mafia", changed the name due to more popular pop-culture villains and decided to make some money selling some "special" cards which actually are not necessary. And he said he was just "inspired" by soviet russia game. Phhh..

  14. This is a rip off, not only is the idea stolen but it wasn't even stolen well. The real Werewolf game has more roles than what is presented here, where are the cultists? The hunters? The Crone? and many others that are in this watered down shit version that is just stealing an idea.

  15. Oys funny how far across the line you "humans" have allowed satanists and sick cults get into daily life…no wonder God has to wipe us all out…it all makes total sense

  16. Due to the advantages, even just 3 werewolves they still could lead the crown… Keep thinking rather than only listening

  17. So basically mafia. Just called werewolf. You could do this with playin cards and add more roles.

  18. I don't think anybody assumes Werewolves are from D&D, I just know it from Mafia. Also, the Villager Drunk and Alpha Werewolf are not the best-made cards. Why are there 20 villagers and 10 werewolves in the deck? There are only 7 roles to be if you exclude the Moderator and roles to make yourself. Why are there 2 Moderator cards? The role descriptions are not explained well and there is a cheaper Werewolf game with more cards and better descriptions. The game does not even come with instructions on how to play. Good idea and nice designs, but it lacks ingenuity and good explanations. If you want people to understand what Werewolf then you must explain.

  19. There are a few main problems I have with this:
    1. It comes with the least amount of roles in a Mafia-Werewolf style game(9 at the most and 7 if you exclude the Moderator and customs cards).
    2. It comes with: 20 Villagers (Too many Villagers for such a low amount of cards), 10 Werewolves (Good), 2 Seers (Great), 2 Doctors (Fine), 2 Witches (Fine), 2 Drunks (Fine), 2 Alpha Werewolves (Fine, but the role is completely stolen from 'Ultimate Werewolf'), 2 Moderators (Unneeded), and 8 Custom Roles (Fine).
    3. Most roles are bland or are nothing new, especially the Alpha Werewolf and even the Drunk which are just worse versions of the Werewolf and Villager.
    4. The main thing I dislike about this is not the game, but the fact that it says he 'created' the roles like the Seer and Doctor. No, he didn't. The game 'Ultimate Werewolf' came out in 2007 and so did the game 'Werewolves of Millers Hollow' and they have way more roles and used those roles as well.

    I like the idea he had, but the execution and ingenuity of the game just fell flat.

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