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when a card game uses too many dice

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This video is sponsored by Genshin Impact, download the game and try out Genius Invokation TCG here:


  1. Hilariously, advertisers never ask you to be happy or sincere about reading the lines they give you to peddle their product.

  2. I love how the skit makes more sense than the ad

  3. i had a idea of making a collectible dice game

  4. Genshin TCG is really good, but the fact you need to ply inside the game is quite annoying, I wish there was a separate app

  5. "Genshin Impact: Whatever, you'll play it, fuck you!"

  6. People are commenting on him mocking the sponsor by being overly enthusiastic. But I bet it actually got a lot of people to listen to the ad and ultimately generated more sales for the sponsor.

  7. Oh god it's been a minute since I played Genshin but now that I know it has an in game card game I may have to get back into it


  9. i had several consecutive heart attacks when i realized that the dice were referring to the dice in genshin TCG

  10. I literally tried TCG like twice and then I ditched it 😭

  11. This is the most mockingly voiced and scripted sponsor section ever

  12. Idk why but I found this so much funnier to the other card skits lol

  13. Oh my gosh. It’s amazingly clear that he does not like genshin impact, but he wants the money from the sponsor… so he’ll say the script but in a tone that makes it sound ironic LMAO. Genius

  14. Genius Invocation TCG really do be like that

  15. Question – how does he know how to combine the 27 dice into one giant superdie?

  16. I'm sorry but the ad read sounded SO sarcastic lol

  17. Boy, it felt good KNOWING that the first part of the video was specifically spoofing Genius Invokation TCG without reading the description or watching the end. 😀
    To the uninitiated, don't worry, you only have eight dice with Avatar elements on it. And the tutorial does actually explain it pretty well.

  18. As someone who made a card game with lots of dice, I feel personally attacked.

  19. He forgot to turn off his faked enthusiasm voice for the ad.

  20. "How do i get cards"
    "You buy them"
    "How do you buy them"
    "Roll 36 dice"
    "Didn't you say this was a card game"

  21. Can we get a standalone version of it.

  22. I wonder what the Genshin team said to piss him off this much

  23. Just to make it clear: the plural is dice, the singular is die.

  24. I love how he didn't just get real dice, he still made shitty fake dice to fit in with the other low-budget props, it makes these skits so much funnier.

  25. People that play this game have no life😄😄😄

  26. It feels almost like ur doing the ad sarcastically 😂😂

  27. Qwixx is about as many dice as I can handle

  28. This is like any game with multiple currencies and confusing conversion rates

  29. Other various actions?! Well, why didn't you mention that sooner!

  30. honestly, Genius Invokation would be a nice physical card game

  31. This is what playing library of ruina feels like

  32. If I were the sponsor, I’d want my money back.

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