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When a Yu-Gi-Oh Player Tries New Card Games

Team APS
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When Trell finally gets fed up with playing Yu-Gi-Oh, his friends introduce him to some new trading card games like One Piece, Shadowverse, Grand Archive, and Digimon. He decides he might want to play something older like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or Cardfight Vanguard. Unfortunately, none of this goes as planned!

Skit written by Alec Fields

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  1. Just play Pokémon TCG. When it’s your turn, it’s your turn

  2. Yugioh will always be the Goat of playing and Pokemon the Goat of collecting. As an adult I crave something like Magic now but still collect others.

  3. Moral of the story = just stick to yugioh cards……-_-

  4. Lessgo! They gave Flesh and Blood a shout-out baybeeeee!

  5. This was me yesterday on YouTube looking for another card game to play and I can’t seem to understand or like what I seen so far, still need to watch how to play one piece and grand archive see if I like any of this two if now I guess I’m stuck with yugioh

  6. I've looked into several TCGs and CCGs like MTG Pokemon TCG and even new ones like Keyforge and Flesh and Blood

    …but i always come back to YGO.

    It's just the king of games.

  7. Other than the show, Digimon is can't get right. All their mobile games get canceled even if we still like them. Card games apparently, canceled or rebooted or whatever before I even got a chance to play it. I just want one solid place to competitively play digimon.

  8. I play yugioh, magic and pokemon and that's it no more other cards games those three are enough for me

  9. How did I know he was finna say flesh and blood

    Where’s battle buddies at tho lmao

  10. Love the FAB punchline! It’s my main game at the moment

  11. So Im a card shop owner, i think i need to learn every card game when i bring a new one sheesh

  12. No mention of Dragon Ball Super! (I think? Did I lose my mind?)

  13. I feel exactly like this and switch to Magic best decision, I only play commander which is more casual, more fun and less expensive than modern wich will be kinda like modern yugioh

  14. Man yugioh is so complicated these days.
    Plays cards to draw cards to stall turn
    It just has so many rules and 1 turn wins is just the meta now
    Draws another exodia piece
    If only there was a deck that doesn't require a lot of rules and it's pretty much pure luck if you win or lose, so it's not really a skill issue, but just a bad chance to draw-Oh hey. All 5 exodia. I win.

    A match? Sure, best 2 out of 3.
    So er- this is embarrassing but I got a turn 0 win.
    How? Oh I got super lucky, exodia.

    Oh yeah i'm def going to lose next turn because I used up all my luck here. But nothing I can do, good game. :p

  15. Is it a flex, if I can play all of this card games?😅 I just dont,because if I play all this TCGs it would be really expensive

  16. Yeah I got out of Yu-Gi-Oh bc it was not fun at all anymore. I switched to Pokemon and it's a lot more fun. Yu-Gi-Oh has just become terrible.

  17. I like how one piece sounds the simplest of them all 💀

  18. If I ever quit yugioh I will never play ANY other cars game lol

    It's always expensive and I can barely afford my one bad habit now 😂

    Anybody else happily paying almost $350 for a playset of triple tactics thrust 😳 lol

  19. I probably would swap Yu-Gi-Oh out for Digimon… IF IT RELEASED WHERE I LIVE.

  20. One piece TCG actually isn't bad at all, cheap and easy to learn. Coming from MTG/yugioh/pokemon/vanguard 🤣

  21. Before it starts using cards we own. It gets worse. F you better be ready to sell your soul show up first time round here. Yells the competition. Year

  22. It’s why I made my own card game. Combines things from other games. But the main focus is just like chaotic.

  23. Unsleeved Super pre-release Luffy deck?! Oh hell no

  24. What about Weis and Swartz, and the Final Fantasy card game? Or the my little pony card game, or the Naruto card game, or the 2 Dragon ball card games? Or or or!

  25. Okay but battle spirits is so good tho lol

  26. I think a better punchline would have been the guy is interested in at least one of these games, but the other guys are like "Oh, nobody actually PLAYS any of these games because of the Big Three". At least it's relatable to me where Magic is the only card game played anywhere

  27. Actually got me to try Shadowverse Evolve lol

  28. Great skit, but where was Dragon Ball Super? I’m almost offended. 😂

  29. Well
    At least nobody shows russian TCG called "Berserk"

  30. Switched to pokemon never looked back. I cant believe I actually have fun now

  31. I switched from yugioh to mtg and after that it was a wrap. If they made a format for yugioh where u can’t win till turn 5-6 I’d be about it. However the turn 1 bullshit? There’s a reason I don’t play vintage(mtg).

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