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When Card Games Break

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Hearthstone’s recent drama with Shudderwock got me thinking: What Happens When You Break A Card Game?



  1. What's the music used around the 10 minute mark?

  2. me listening to this video: oh wow . also me: holding a combinations of pokemon card cards that makes the card have 1000s of helth and demage

  3. What happens when a TCG breaks? A fire. A fire happens. LOL

  4. The Shudderwock issue could be fixed by excluding itself or only allowing the effect once in a turn. This is what is done in most special summoning and other related effects in Yu-Gi-Oh.

  5. infited shudderwock deals 1000000000000000000000000000 trillion dm to oppenent

  6. The pokemon card game has "shiftry donk" which utilizes the arena card forest of giant plants to repeatedly use Next Destinies Shiftry's ability to remove all of your opponent's pokemon from the game turn 1

  7. watched this entire video and game still not ended

  8. the Waffle House has found it’s new host.

  9. Magic the gathering is ment to have instant wins, Wizards of the coast recognizes them as legit and makes cards that are specifically made for those "combo players"

  10. thefoothillsofthehimileasissometjongsamaxinglybfjs says:

    Imo if you are spending 70+ dollars on the chance to get a digital card with no real value knowing it how's it good chance to getting nerfed, you are dumb

  11. Yugioh lacks things like summoning sickness or a resource mechanic (yes I know magic have exceptions to that rule) . These mechanics slow the game down to allow opponent interactions without an opponent getting op cards

  12. An easy fix for such cards would be "you can play a private match with rules from an older game version" or "you are compensated with 1 or more free booster packs if a card you own is altered",
    Latter seems most fair, but also would result in lots of free giveaways. Maybe it should be "once per card" and "cards gotten from these free boosters are not compensated like this". Maybe whatever. It's all digital, so just throw freebies.

  13. I personally am a game dev and when I get tasked on this problem the first thing that comes to mind is to give them a choice. sure, the normal players could play nerfed matches. but the people wanting it to stay the same can change that in the settings.

  14. Bro they literally give you FULL refund of the card they nerf , please do not spread misinformation

  15. I disagree with my statement 4 years ago. Good vid

  16. what is with the intense dislikes on this video? i'm not well versed in playing card games

  17. I played MTG in the 90s. Up till like visions/weatherlight. That was the golden age of MTG. I tried the online versions of the game, and was shocked with how broken some of the things really are. And that decks are rarely hand crafted anymore. They're mostly pre built stuff. Given you can add some nuances and stuff here and there but. Its not the same as building your whole deck with just your brain and trial and error.

    I remember I had an old deck I actually won a tournament with. And there were some people rated in the place i went in the top 100 in the world. I was labeled the "ratings killer" since my deck was so dangerous, and i was regularly making peoples lives hell. All red. Furnace of Rath was the core card. Ball lightnings, Fireblast, lightning bolt, kindle, incinerate, and creatures unaffected by summoning sickness such as, saquata lancer, viashino sandstalker, ect ect. I even built an all artifact deck during that time to toy around with casually. Sol Rings, Mana vaults, and crazy stuff like teekas dragon, and colossus of sardia. It was a blast.

    Its just not even close to the same experience anymore. Its mostly premade combos instead of letting people experiment. And I hate what its become.

  18. Om mtg arena when they make rebalance cards they have a unrestricted format for all the broken stuff and they give you the rebalanced copy for free of u had the card that got rebalanced. Which is a fair trade off for the health of everything and thats only for alchemy stuff if they straight up just banned a card they give you the corresponding wildcard back and let u keep it for the unrestricted format.

  19. The real problem is a lack of playtesting with competitive players and focusing on getting players to chase after a new shiny toy. It’s irresponsible and greedy

  20. Back when a Yugioh FTK didn't involve a novel of card text.

  21. Anybody else here love cards against humanity?

  22. real life card games are stupid aswell.. I could just get high quality scans of cards.. Print them on high quality card stock… Why buy random decks when I can just print the exact deck I want.

  23. Where did he get that image of the back of a mtg card

  24. This video is basically what Supercell is doing to Clash Royale

  25. yeah bro heartstone is the best card game you should play it

    average hearthstone experience:

  26. Guess thats why magical scientist was banned.

  27. As several Hearthstone players have correctly pointed out, I didn't quite explain some of Shudderwock's properties correctly/fully. While an "infinite loop" didn't occur precisely as I described, it was still possible with the combination of Grumble, Worldshaker, Saronite Chain Gang, and Murmuring Elemental. If you'd like to learn precisely how all of it worked, there are plenty of in-depth articles that can explain it (and the rest of the card game) in great detail. Feel free to Google something like "How The Shudderwock Combo Works". Don't listen to some filthy casual like me.

  28. And that’s why my friends we have a rotating forbidden list in Yu-Gi-Oh! and in other card games to balance this crap out.

  29. In Magic, you could simply get all Battlecries, separate then, randomly shuffle then and "draw" the order. Way more viable than numbering the cards and rolling dices.

  30. YuGiOh has been grounded into dust as a game. Just Thanos snap everything from GX onwards and start again.

  31. What do I think? I’m glad I stopped playing Hearthstone, years ago, as soon as I realised it was pay to win.

  32. Yugioh players to this day try to make sure that the game doesn’t go past turn 4 trust me not much has changed there

  33. imagine getting pissed because someone didn't explain your little shitty card game 100% correctly

  34. I don't get all the dislikes, did this guy say something wrong?

  35. The Hearthstone one on the cover is literally just the Jabberwocky.

  36. kinda sad that he didnt mention the 1 turn combo in magic

  37. "it ruins the game"
    me: Shudderwock go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  38. i know this video is old but you didnt even touch on any other games besides these two. pokemon had sabledonk, which caused an emergency rotation in 2011

  39. Does anyone remember the Pokémon tcg combo with reset stamp and Island challenge amulet? It also broke the game

  40. Today's Yu-Gi-Oh is just lasted for 2-3 turns and one turn can summon as many monster and card as possible with combo. That's why I stop playing it. It's no longer fun

  41. 11:35 Well the player spent all that money on a card would certainly be banned in a few days in any other card game, high risk not always is high reward

  42. Honestly thought you’d atleast talk a bit more in detail about the banned cards in mtg like black lotus etc.

  43. 96K likes but 41K dislikes? Why 41K dislikes???

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