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when card names get ridiculous

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  1. I think he missed on exchanging "divine" for "bovine".

  2. Fuck me this reminds me of some of the dicks in Magic tourneys when I was a kid, they would brag they knew every card and its lore yet act completely dumfounded if you made a move without announcing every detail.

  3. I love how every time he references a trope in card games he whips out the cow cards

  4. When he laughed accidentally saying Abrahoof Lincoln LOL I want more of that

  5. Ah yes, Number C62: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon.

  6. This is how it felt with the Number: XYZ monsters

  7. I know I can't be the only one just sitting over here waiting for ProZD to actually release his cow themed card game. Real eSports vibe coming in along with great story line. I want to plunge into the bovine mooltiverse. Learn the intricowcies of the cards. Udder disregard for the cowpponents feelings.

    Please help. I have a problem.

  8. All the Vanguard players looking at Overlord players for this one

  9. I'm just gonna remind y'all that "Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar" is a real magic card that sometimes is played

  10. The fact his choice of defining trate for this card game was just rediculous names, i would have almost thought this was gonna be able yugioh

  11. When it comes to card games it is the one with the most money who wins at card games really.

  12. Yo Battle Spirits. I’m hyped to try this game out when the decks drop

  13. In Magic the Gathering, a rule specifically states that a card may be called by ANY name so long as both players agree upon an understanding of which card was referenced. This rule was implemented after someone lost an entire tournament due to abbreviating a card name.

  14. I love these videos, the card with the silly long names arent the problem, its the uber serious players that act like that lol. Its so funny when you go to play for fun and the kid (adult) with the tcg shirt, visor, etc. Reluctantly agrees because everyone else is paired off and proceeds to be a combination of all these vids lol. Using inter-pseudo phases, crazy combos, reading each of your cards, calling out each card's name out loud, etc.

  15. It saddens me that I can’t hangout with people like this man, he’s ridiculously entertaining.

  16. yugioh boss monsters are always named like this.

  17. Fun fact! One time in a MtG tournament there were two opponents: one of the player's main win conditions was activating a card named "Borborygmos, Enraged", and to counter this, the other player was playing a card named pithing needle to prevent the first player from activating his win condition. Pithing needle directs its controller to name a card, and then instructs that activated abilities of the named card can't be activated. The second player named the card "Borborygmos", which happens to be the name of a second card, that is entirely different from "Borborygmos, Enraged". The judges ruled that under the pithing needle that had named "Borborygmos", "Borborygmos, Enraged" could be activated to it's controller's heart's content.

  18. I activate Pot of Greed
    Wait idk what it does

  19. I give this video a somersaulting cheese factory out of 10.

  20. Asmoranomardicadaistanaculdacar moment

  21. I've totally done the "pretend to not understand what your friend means to force them into saying something ridiculous" move :'D

  22. All these trash card names, I play Superdreadnaught rail cannon gustav max, detach one material to inflict 2000 damage, then summon superdreadnaught rail cannon juggernaut liebe on top of it, detach Superdreadnaught rail cannon gustav max to increase its atk/def by 2000 and swing for game.

  23. I loved battle spirits when I was a kid
    Unfortunately these new cards are ugly

  24. When you need 2 cards to have 1 card, because the name of the card is just that long XD

  25. "I block your Asmoranomadicadaistinaculdacar with my Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really Long Card Names So We Made this Card to Have the Absolute Longest Card Name Ever Elemental and then cast whatever this phyrexian text reads."

  26. "I play this card"
    "What does it do?"
    " 'before playing this card, you must read out the full name of the card'… which starts on this other card, carries onto this card, before finishing on the final card… and then I get to deal 1 damage to target creature."
    starts reading out the card name
    "Do you really have to do that? This game is stupid"
    "Ha! You fell for my trap card 'Don't interrupt me!' If another player interrupts me while reading out a card name, I can deal 2000 damage to that player. I win!"
    "As I was saying, this game is stupid"

  27. Genshin Genius Invocation TCG soon:

    "Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network"

  28. Most sane YuGiOh card name, only inaccuracy was thinking that they would add another card for more text instead of just shrinking it to size 1 font

  29. I genuinely did not believe him when he said he didn't make up Buffalong Bill. I had a long cackle when I searched it up and found out he was being 100% candid

  30. Yu-Gi-Oh players: laughs in "Nefariouser archfiend, eater of Nefariousness"

  31. The twist is that Player One made up the “Four Score” card.

  32. Knowing that people have lost money at MTG tournaments because they didn't read out a card's entire name makes this so much funnier.

  33. holy shit he is literally talking about his sponsor. one of the card names is literally: "Supernova Dragon Slegwrum Nova" and "Lightning Beast Emperor Thunder Zedleon". How does he even get such a good brand deal?

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