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When You Finally Open a Mana Crypt | #MTG #shorts

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Mana Crypt is the best pull from Lost Caverns of Ixalan. What happens when you finally open one?

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  1. Some kid opened a neon mana crypt the other day. Everyone was laughing after he ruined it by the end of the night from playing with it.

  2. My mystery booster box had 2 in it the other day!😊

  3. I recently traded for an artist series mana crypt and it is an excellent addition to my cube and collection overall. Nice pull Seth, I hope you sleeve it up 🙂

  4. The amount of excitement and how amazing seth is makes this short just amazingly perfect

  5. I was expecting an F-bomb to drop, but still that reaction, Seth 👌👌

  6. Everyone and their damn mother pulled the Mana Crypt except me I swear!

  7. People have been opening this left to right…

  8. lmao, "we did it", what exactly was it that you "did" to get this?

  9. Wooooow. Who would have thought a popular mtg (wizards free advertisement) channel opens a mana crypt.

  10. Got that same card, I’ve been loving your channel for a good bit now ❤

  11. Nice hit. I cracked a Japanese collector booster of kamigawa recently and got a foil borderless Boseiju.

  12. Why would I watch this when I could watch Seth open a snarl in every pack, just like me

  13. I bought 9 set boosters so far and gave two of them to my gf and she got a crypt 😦

  14. Even with that card, did the box pay for itself?

  15. Ich mag die Pseudo Moral nicht. Hier so Mega ausflippen, wenn er eine teure Karte öffnet und sich freuen (nun hat er sie ja). Dann aber immer Reprints fordern, damit alles billig ist. Wieso freut er sich bei billigen Karten dann nicht so?
    Eigentlich müsste er nun fordern, dass diese Karte nur noch $1 wert sein sollte

  16. I swear there's no better feeling😂 I got one Collector box and got the yellow special guest mana crypt and almost shit myself😂😂

  17. Wow it IS possible for this guy to talk like a normal person

  18. I opened 3 of those boxes 0 and this none hard copy magic play pulls one out from his left testicle😂

  19. Congratulations! Is that card for sell? Am interested with the foil Mana Crypt!

  20. I think my entire box had about $70 total in cards if I'm counting commons at full value. Even my 12 Jurassic Park inserts were 9 basics with six of them being Swamp. 🫤

  21. Hell yeah man. Wish you could have pulled a neon ink. Crypt is a crypt tho

  22. I hate how they included it in the set and didn't nuke the price.

  23. This was the exact reaction when me and my gf pulled one in a set booster, then we pulled a cavern of souls right after 😂

  24. Krosan Cloudscraper was my favorite card along with Howl Of The Nightpack

  25. I love the utter confusion of MTG creators whenever they see a Jurassic Park card, as if Jurassic Park isn't one of the most famous landmark films of all time.

  26. When seth said ohh I almost fell off the couch awesome 👌 pull

  27. I found this exact card in my CBB and another non-foil in my SBB. Sadly no neon inks or emblem cards tho.

  28. I bought one collector booster box and pulled a mana crypt, I was so excited. Also got a bunch of other cards I was looking for.

  29. As a Jurassic Park fan who collects Pokemon cards and has never dabbled in Magic, thanks for inadvertently telling me about these Jurassic cards! I’m so excited to collect them all….outside of the $400 emblem versions LOL

  30. WHAT a surprise…. just in the 20th case!
    ….. bullc

  31. It’s so obvious that WotC feeds content creators with “tampered” boosters to bump sales.

  32. It's nice to know these are actually in packs

  33. The only people showing success are influencers and store owners :v

  34. Was waiting for Bear to snag it out of your hands

  35. That was totally staged. This channel is that desperate for hits. 😂😢

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