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when you have a REALLY good turn in a card game

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  1. can only imagine how long this took to set up. Nicely done. I lol'd quite a bit. 🙂

  2. “The black Brie”. This is how you feel whenever you get a good card in anything

  3. sucks that arena doesnt look like that

  4. Everyone gangsta until Raging Bull gets a Big Gun

  5. The people who disliked were the people who lost to his play.

  6. The fact that the gun had to be censored goes to show how shit this platform is.

  7. I love magic the gathering, and I'm like that sometimes

  8. Teacher:alright class today we’re gonna be answering a very easy equation
    Player 1: the smart kid
    Player 2: the rest of the class

  9. Honestly that seems like it would be a fun game

  10. Imagine he suddenly used a reverse card after that turn

  11. Ah yes the classic somersaulting cheese factory move.

  12. Seriously that yugioh in a nutshell

    Ur losing

    U draw a bs card like pot of greed
    U get monster reborn and another gud card

    U fuc the enemy up gg ez

  13. I actualy want to buy those cards il give you 20 dollars for em

  14. I don’t think that card is even legal any more

    *entire tezzirit artifact deck exists *

    Mtg: illegal

  15. Ay yo how he do that i taped my cheese factory 5 times an only got 10 diffrent rules i guess but now i feel like im getting scammed out of reaching the Black brea factory

  16. What hellish game is this?? It's the kind of game you expect to play with the Kardashians

  17. Teacher:
    Whats 1+1?
    Me, trying to impress the teacher:

  18. Dang if he just had a uno reverse card.

  19. I’m bothered by the fact that the Dairy Driver needs to pay the toll with his own money to deliver the company’s milk 🤔

  20. 30 minutes later…his turn ends.
    Opponent: "I play my 'vegan card". Sorry, your whole side of the board is wiped.

  21. Kashta: "Churn you last pathetic curd so I can end this Heidi."
    Heidi: "My grand-panela's dairy has no pathetic curds Kashta. But it does contain. . . the unstoppable Exmoor Blue!"
    Kashta: "Exmoor Blue, it's not possible!"
    Heidi: "I've assembled all 5 special curds, all 5 pieces of the paesanella!"
    Heidi: "Exmoor Blue. . . COAGULATE!"

    Sources: Cheese.com, Oxford Languages

  22. petition for this to be a real card game
    Sign Here :

  23. I wish that this farm card game was real it would be funny to play as a joke

  24. Actually me even I'm battling my friend in Yu-Gi-Oh…. Unless I brick…. If I brick, I'm screwed bc he has a very hard hitting blue eyes deck, while my dark magician deck is much more endurance centered

  25. Imagine if these cards were in unsanctioned. That would be funni.

  26. plot twist: he was playing uno and needed to get rid of cards

  27. And with three Omae wa mou cheese charge I can summon mac n’ rocket launcher which makes me win instantly

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