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when your opponent won’t finish you off in a card game

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  1. I'm the opposite. I don't want to finish games quickly and move on to the next one. I want to see my opponent pull off cool shit like this and overkill me. Since I want that done to me I also do that to others.

  2. Look man, if I've planned out the perfect turn and you just jump me with having no way of defending yourself, you'd better believe I'm going for as much overkill as humanly possible

  3. This is how it felt playing Master Duel after never actually playing Yugi Oh before.

  4. Sometimes you have a very cool move that you spent the whole game setting up

  5. My opponent special summoning several link/ synchro xyz and fusion monsters after reducing my life points to 1, while I have no cards in my hand field graveyard or deck

  6. Just had this happen to me in Hearthstone. The dude could've wiped me in one turn, but he let me run out of cards so the penalty would kill me over several turns.

  7. I do this on Pokémon live. Lmao!!! I want them to know they never stood a chance! LMFAO

  8. Who designed the game? Why, those who always lose, of course.

  9. When your deck relies on certain cards specifically and you finally get them because the rest of the deck is filler….

  10. Yeah, card games are terrible. What's even worse is of you find yourself on the winning side, trying to be a bro and just attack straight away without playing a full turn just so the two of you can move on ALWAYS results in the would-be loser playing a "don't touch me" card from his hand or field. So he doesn't die that turn and THEN he pull this BS we see the winner do in this video and wins off it. Card games are the worst. They force you to be an A-hole.

  11. The Waffle House has found its new host

  12. I know this isn't about hearthstone, but spending 25+ mana to summon 4 40/37 cow monsters feels very much like a druid.

  13. ProZD exclaiming “groin puncher” is forever burnt into my psyche. So, um, thanks… for that!

  14. listen at this point hes just trying to get a PB on his dmg to hp record.

  15. Tbh it's not BM if he did all this to punch you in the groin.

  16. 1:05 – That "thumb in" fist is a nice touch! LOL
    Show he's so nerdy board gamer, he can't even hold a proper fighting fist XD

  17. Been dealing with heavy depression and adapting to a new, better, antidepressant and I really needed this. Laughed so hard I was crying. Thanks!

  18. Imagine the guy doing all that combo just for him to then deck out and lose instead.

  19. Nice turn, he must have been drinking water from a hori cup

  20. Just hang tight I built this deck solely around this combo and this is the only time it has ever gone off.

  21. If someone tries to pull this and I'm annoyed I'll just surrender and move on to the next game. Magic players get particularly salty when I do that.

  22. Shout out to this one game of MtG I played where after several rounds of me at 1 life, my opponent finally killed me when they were at 50 life

  23. "Moo murder mode" is also what happens when you milk a cow wrongly

  24. all my friends in a nutshell. all my friends know how to do is infinites and combos. Even when i'm at like 1.

  25. In fairness, he didn't state any of those cows had Storm, so he probably wouldn't have been able to attack that turn anyway.

  26. This is definitely a red green deck in mtg

  27. This is why chess allows you to offer a handshake to your opponent to concede.

  28. This has the same energy as promoting pawns long after the king is obviously trapped, so that you can checkmate with 3 queens on the board. Does anyone else do that, or am I just a sociopath?

  29. I was playing MTG with friends for the first time (ever, first game), it was commander and it was between me and one other player. I remember doing exactly this but instead I was dramatically killing myself so he could win because I knew I couldn't.
    The other player had a card where every time I drew a card I lost health.
    However he just annihilated another player and had no means to defend.
    He accepted his loss and waited for me to attack.
    I told him I'd finish the game but needed to do a few things.
    He said just attack me. I encouraged him to relax and wait and see what I was about to do.
    I was like:
    "Alright. So, I use some mana to use this, I gain that, do this"
    "Dude please attack me"
    "No,no, wait, hold on"
    "Alright so I play a card that allows me to draw." Then I say, very quickly: "I draw three cards I lose six health I have 2 I lose you win"
    And he was like, wait a minute what
    And we all burst into laughter.
    It was fun 🙂

  30. He's going to attack his opponent and himself if he punches like that. XD

  31. Ok I play a cowboy cow then I play cowboy boy's cow, then I play carnage cow, carnage cow whips all other cows on my side of the field into a frenzy. So now they're all in Moo murder mode which gives them all a 10 attack bonus. Then I play cooldown cow, all the cows cool down from moo murder mode and now they are all calm chill cows, calm chill cows give you 30 attack bonus and 30 defense bonus. Now it's time for cow carousel, all the cows circle back into my hand and I can play one cow with all of their attack defense combined, so I will now play, groin puncher, groin puncher summons his four identical brothers, and I also get you to punch you in the groin in real life.

  32. Look, sometimes you create a game strategy that might take a while, and you want to use it, even if its at the very end of the game, and its overkill

  33. Like the ultra violent Fatality moves in Mortal Kombat but in card game form

  34. I played my first pvp match in Yu-Gi-Oh today…. I know how it feels. They just want to flex their build

  35. can i buy these🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. As someone who once brought an opponent to -99 life in Magic, I am at least partially guilty here.

  37. This is just me when I have the choice to accept a forfeit in inscription

  38. Fun fact: sometimes players intentionally don't finish you off and give you another turn just for the sake of being a jerk. Once it happened to me when I needed exactly one more turn to pull of a lethal combo. The lesson is: Don't be disrespectfull, or expect to pay the price.

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