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Why Digital Card Games Suck

Majin Obama
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My pathetic grandfathers deck has no cards

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  1. Despite the title, your take was really civil and respectful. A well done video.

  2. I only ever played one physical game and that was pokemon when I was like 6 or 7 but it rocked

  3. I started playing Magic out of curiosity during covid and tbh what you said was spot on, the game is much more fun when your playing with people in person. Me and my friends would play online through discord video calls and I played with them in person finally last week because we all got vaccinated and the game is much more rich and enjoyable. I also played hearthstone for a bit and magic arena and those games feel way different from playing in person imo

  4. What's the card game show in the video? I've never seen it and i'd like to try that, seems cool to play!

  5. The digimon TCG is so good if only it was in stock anywhere 😭😭😭. One pro of digital Games is that the cards are always available

  6. Fanmade platforms of physical cardgames are generally completely open, rules-wise. Dueling Book, Tabletop Simulator, etc, are just a table and the cards, you figure out the rest.

  7. I would never return to physical card games. Also I'm playing LoR right now and I actually have all cards, that was almost impossible to do on HS, LoR is incredibly free2play friendly.

  8. Great vid. Also thanks for making me aware there’s a new Digimon TCG. It pretty nice.

  9. i like yugioh duel links but i almost only play pve stuff in that game bc ranked isn't fun to me and makes me wish i could be out playing the physical game with other people

  10. Here in Japan we've powered on ahead with our own locals for MTG, in light of official events being suspended again. Even with online avaliable we wanted to support our local store, and actually interacting with people is fun.

    That said, MTGO has been helpful with refining my gameplay, basically allowing me to lab decks before events.

  11. table top simulator is the closest balance between these digital and physical card games.

  12. When I hear you talk about "personal interaction", I wonder what you would think of Netrunner? Amazing physical game, with fan-supported digital implementation called Jinteki (Rock Paper Shotgun did a good feature on it).

    The complexity is pretty high, but the tension and psychology is immense. Be very happy to play you, if you want an intro.

    Even online, people tend to use cam/mic because you need that interaction, for reads, tells, misleading.

    It's model (original License has expired, but fan-supported now) was not Collectible, but "LCG" – everyone buys the same expansions, with the same things inside, and goes to town with what they can create with it.

    Two asymmetrical sides (Runners vs impersonal Corps), you learn to play and build decks for each. Totally different mindgame. Also beautifully diverse in its artwork – a high tech future with Africa, India, and East Asia centre stage – it's a corporate dystopia with elements of a bright future.

  13. As someone that really liked the yugioh anime, i try to mimic that type of vibe when i play in person and it makes the experience a ton of fun. None of that stuff happens when it comes to an online simulator. :/

  14. Runeverse is my jam right now, it's gotten me back into card games like nothing else.

  15. Nah you actually are pretty correct. As for me, Cardfight Vanguard was a card game that hit me so hard when I found out about it and got to play it but given that my area was mostly MTG or Yugioh, I never really got to play it outside of a single time with a kid on my street. I played a lot of Yugioh and had fun during locals or just casual games with friends but, CFV had to this day some of my favorite card game art and mechanics. Eternally upset it didn't take off as big here.

  16. Folks out here bringing up Duelist of the Roses while I'm sitting here thinking about Falsebound Kingdom (which used a lot of the same assets it seems?)

  17. As a person who has played Pokemon TCG, and Fighting games most my life, I agree on the social aspect. Online never compares to hype IRL.

  18. Im a week late but just found this video. I don’t know if you found any webcam scenes to play online, but I know people in mtg have been doing that and it has a bit of a hybrid pro and con situation between in person and digital. It’s not quite as personal but you can still read verbal cues. Of course it’s a bit cumbersome and some people are less comfortable in their webcam setups than at a real table.

  19. Vanguard back when I was in high school I played that a lot and then before that I played magic I like the vanguard mobile game but it's just not the same as playing it with other people.

  20. Damn you are so good at articulating your opinions about things and now I am addicted to watching your videos on any topic. I agree that the charm is lost to me digitally, but the reason I got out of TGC games was the barrier to entry of cost, so there is definitely something to the reduced cost of digital card games. I feel like the world is moving away from physical/in-person in a lot of ways and especially after the last year and a half, people are craving to connect w humanity again. the online world which felt so “real” up until now is really starting to feel very surface and fake, and makes you want to actually connect with a person in real life. obviously traditional TGC is a very social activity, and to me id prefer that over the impersonal online, especially now.

  21. This was super interesting and well articulated thanks dude.

  22. physical card games can be such a bummer, spending lots of real money to get a deck that you want only for it to turn out not to be so good or for the rules to disallow part of it feels like shit.

  23. I think I late to say this but hey nice one you can enjoy the card game again.
    And nice to see you have fun digimon card game it is feel like you own your card like have physical copy for your favorite game.
    Sometime i miss that for digital game this day, like you can buy a game and don't have to pay again to enjoy full experient game. I'm actually don't have a problem with DLC or update content but sometime went you must pay subscriptions every month even tought you pay full price.
    Or you play fre to play game but you need to spend a lot of money and time to unlock some rare character or weapon that little bit annoying me in some point.

    Just hope we can still get physical product like a game or card like old day in the next future.

  24. I love doing both. Card games are fun to me no matter how I play them.

  25. Just found this channel a few days ago and I'm really ecstatic to see an FG player be also so into card games. Looking forward to more TCG stuff together with the FGC stuff. Bless up.

  26. I fuck with Duelists of The Roses as much as anyone else, but Yugioh Falsebound Kingdom is my go to GOAT Yugioh game.

  27. Before I even watch this nah fam runeterra and, rest in peace, duelyst are great

  28. 1:46 IIRC, MtG rules in the days of the original Winter Orb would've had it shut down while tapped because tapped artifacts were considered "off". So this is moreso a clarification of rulings most likely due to general rulebook changes than it is a rewrite of how the card works. Still a pain if you had Winter Orb in a deck without knowing its historical rules context then you learn you've been playing wrong for years when Wizards prints the updated version. Though if you played in tourneys, I'm sure other players or judges would make that sort of ruling known.

  29. Great video. I started playing MTG 13 years ago but I stopped after Dragons of Tarkir. I played Hearthstone for a long time after and recently got back in to MTG through MTG:A because the convenience and affordability for high level play is really attractive for someone who works in the office 8 hours a day and just wants to go home and play a few games after work. Totally agree about the added social element of paper though and I still miss the feeling of offline paper play even though I can never see myself getting back in to it outside of a few local draft events here and there.

  30. I was listening to this video during work and immediately recognized the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses OST in the background. As usual, a great video and choice of music.

  31. One of the cons of physical card games: When people come over they can see how much money I spend on a card game

  32. Heaven forbid the digital version only lets you play the way it's meant to be. Imagine that! Also, I think the fact that there's no chance a judge could make a wrong decision or be accused of anything amiss, I think this is a huge plus! And in the time of Covid, with all the mandates it's just a lot less stressful than being forced into things just to interact with others.

  33. At the end of the day card games are majority parts social. It's about going to the place to see the gang and have an activity to organize around.

    You don't realize it until you remove it. Digital Card Games are empty because it's just rng on a screen, may as well play slots.

    Most of the strategy revolves around knowing every card or at least the meta. So spend x time, spend x $, win x % more. And when you win, you win nothing.

    It's fun to play with people because you have conversations and other things going on around it….

  34. Like imagine you have a test setting allocated to user status that could give every card unlocked, you know, Admin status.

    They probably design these games by first importing every card, then creating a system that catalogs which cards have been collected.

    So each of these games probably starts as a protoype where every account has access to all cards then through development they actively work to create barriers, impediments to playing the game in order to make money.

    That's bad game design philosophy, possibly bad economic philosophy too. Card scarcity works in the real world because resale markets exist and collecting physical product is its own sensation.
    It's impossible to truly weigh the difference between a 1x buy in + monthly subscription model + cosmetics vs endless whale cash, as much as they can possibly spend. $5000, $10,000 , $100,000 , they'll never unlock it all.

    It's stupid how all of these ancient free softwares for playing yugioh/magic/pokemon online are better simply because they didn't actively go out of their way to place barriers on what you could do.

    Even if it cost $60 for say DevPro for yugioh + $15 monthly

    it would be better than playing duel links or master duel free to play etc. etc. it's all very dumb

    it decreases quality of play, instantly alienates all but the most dedicated playerbase.

  35. I think just as a general rule things become more fun and memorable when they’re done in person with other real people. It’s just that human connection that makes it special.

  36. Love the vid, def recommend Pokemon Trading Card for the Game Boy, with two player link play it is amazing. Then again, as a fellow boomer, i did just recommend you to look for a two Game Boys, two Pokemon Trading Card game paks (cartridges for the youngn's) a link cable…..

    …Better yet, don't mind the old man with the Game Boy Pocket and a copy of Trading Card Game over here, the physical cards are just fine lol.

  37. I played Hearthstone and Shadowverse CCGs but nothing really comes close to MTG. The problem is that MTG doesn't have really good digital games (Arena and Online aren't for me) and the paper form if prohibitively expensive if you want to play in most formats with the exception of Pauper.

    Kind of wish there was something that can somehow combine the best of both worlds.

  38. AY what this fool say about digital card games watches video damn what the hell this is a measured and reasonable discussion of properties and preferences, now I'mma subscribe and check the backlog of videos. I got tricked, well played.

  39. Digital card games are a trap for whales and stupid people to drop stupid amounts of money on digital cards they do not own, without any of the potential positives dropping the same amount of money on physical cards has. If digital card games had an option to trade cards with other players, or put cards up for sale for whatever the premium currency is in said game, they would become infinitely better than what any digital card game currently is.

    On the Master Duel Steam community hub, I offered an idea for all digital card games to give players a monthly sub option to get access to all cards. But, you still would have to purchase alt art or shiny variant from a store or pull from packs and I got completely harassed and shut down for it. People are happy to commit themselves to being robbed by these companies who know exactly what they are doing when they make a digital card game. It's pathetic.

    For people like me, who live in rural areas where I cannot actively indulge in physical card games, digital is the only option I have for the likes of MTG, Pokémon, Yugioh etc. And it sucks. I refuse to spend money on this actively praised scam that is digital card games.

  40. You could always get together with your friends and bring an ipad. Have best of both worlds

  41. I fucking hate playing any game in person to be honest.

  42. It really is such a shame that out of all video game genres, card games feel the least personal online. No voice chat, no text chat for any major release, no rematch functions for almost any of them and very few players will ever accept a friend request to chat afterwards.

    All the positives can't stop me from burning out of each one I try within a few weeks of getting into it just because it feels so monotonous and lonely queueing up against opponents with zero personality due to the lack of systems in place to interact with one another.

  43. There are benefits to both digital and physical.
    Digital is better for practicing and playing people online/abroad.
    Physical is better for locals and actual human interaction.

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