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Why Discover Instead of Cascade?? | Magic: The Gathering Lost Caverns of Ixalan Design MTG #shorts

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  1. Discover is a homerun, Explore is not. I was extremely disappointed with Map tokens when we learned they were to trigger explore. I get it's thematic, but lately it feels like artifact tokens are just constant misses outside of the modal Phyrexian Incubator tokens. Blood tokens were a disappointment, and as a token and artifact lover I'm once again disappointed. I was so hyped for the new Kellan since I fell in love with the Eldraine version, but his Journey On spell is incredibly weak made weaker by the weakness of explore. I understand Descend needed a function and this helps with that, but for Green White to care about it makes little sense. Only 5 cards in those colors care about descend AND neither color cares for graveyard stuff like black does.

  2. Bummer that this doesn't make Averna better. Definitely a better game mechanic design wise though.

  3. Considering how Cascade was popular already, I can totally see this becoming a deciduous – a regular addition, but not necessary to be in every set. It's going to be Red's new go-to advantage mechanic.

  4. Why did you make gnomes look so bad? That's my question. They are my fav dnd race and boy o boy wth…

  5. I'm not entirely sure how this makes it less easy to break, but I'm a big fan of the design flexibility. In addition, cascade being "on cast" trips up a lot of new players, and even experience players when there's a lot to keep track of. Overall a big fan!

  6. The nice part is the fact that are you aren’t forced to cast the spell, if you don’t want to immediately cast the spell let’s say a counter spell when nothing is on the stack.

    You can simply put it in your hand

  7. I hope they retcon Cascade to become "when you cast this spell, discover x"

  8. I just wish for you to not design 2-3 new mechanics EVERY SINGLE set and expand upon older mechanics and strategies. What will mtg be in like 10 years if this pace continues?

  9. I love it. There's so many commanders who already do "cascade into X typal" type effects and Discover works much better to cover all of those. Make Discover evergreen!

  10. The common discover cave cycle was so satisfying to use in limited. Y'all did an amazing job!

  11. It makes sense to have it this way. That said, do the combos still work?

  12. If you had the first sliver out and roaming throne does it give your slivers double cascade?

  13. Apex Devastator is my favorite magic card… besides ClackBridge Troll lol for realz

  14. "We have to delve deeper." No, Gavin, I want to hear about Discover, not Delve

  15. I love it so much, honestly home run for mechanic of the year

  16. Personally I feel its a home run.

    You can put it in almost any future sets and gives loads of fun flexibility

  17. literally just.. change the rules for cascade if you wanted to give it more than a cast trigger? i know its some retarded taboo to not change things, but come on, we dont need a new keyword just to have cascade off of a trigger.

  18. I just wish it was backwards compatible with things that care about Cascade, like Averna and similar

  19. Why couldn't Cascade just be adjusted, instead of creating in a whole new keyword that does basically the same thing, just fixed up?

  20. "At the end of your turn, this card cascades"
    Maybe you'll have to change the reminder text, but it would've been very intuitive even for people who don't know the change of rules. Now there's a whole new keyword instead, and there were way too many already.

  21. It functionally makes cascade obsolete and is indicative of magics growing power creep

  22. Just Errata Averna to see Discover as well, and we gucci haha

  23. Discover is fixed cascade. Easy as that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  24. Discover is better in basically every way except it doesn’t fix the pseudo-tutor effect you mentioned for Cascade. I don’t think that’s a problem when Cascade is already out in the wild though.

  25. Discover is one of my favorites. It's a lot of fun. A little bit of rolling the dice and if you built right and are a bit lucky… Beautiful.

    My only gripe is Boromir, Warden of the Tower being printed a few sets before and that counters any spell that was not paid for.. completely countering all of Discover..

    Meanwhile Jodah, Boromir, Ratadrabrik of Urborg andElas il-Kor are running rampant in historic and alchemy. It feels downright abusive to play against…

    Regardless.. LCI has been great so far, I'm looking forward to the next few months immensely, and I'm hoping for many more sets designed like this.

  26. Discover just seems like better cascade cause it also lets put spells that are more situational or have a X cost into hand if it hits them which a draw is much weaker then a free cast but it's better then a wiff.

  27. I’m sorry to say this Gavin, because I know it was intended to be a fun and casual mechanic, but it didn’t do anything to fix to the core of what made cascade so broken. I’ve already seen lots of lists taking advantage of cascade and clones, and I’m terrified, especially since cascade wasn’t in pioneer before this. I’m sorry but cascade was a mistake and didcover is looking to be another one, albeit slightly smaller

  28. I think you did a great job on it, I feel like it's pretty impossible to break in a similar way of cascade because it doesn't say "less than" so you can hit the same cmc.
    I'd still like it if you did print the occasional cascade card but discover is definitely the more refined mechanic and probably what cascade should have been in the first place.
    I get that you wanted to play it safe but I would have loved if there were cards that you could flicker like geological appraiser without the cast restriction. Wouldn't have made a difference in limited anyways.

  29. Love discover. Cascade into an X spell isn't a fumble anymore.

  30. From a design point it's just like a better cascade to me. I love it. Well done, team! Being able to do it every turn from a permanent at a less silly rate is really fun.

  31. In prerelease it was my go-to way to hope I flip a removal… never did but did run enough of it… Oh well

  32. They literally took cascade stapled a clause on it that makes it even better and sent that bad boy out AND it gets crazy with cards that use cascade they could have just put cascade 5 like they did discovers and been fine

  33. I love cascade, i have a ramos deck built around it. And im happy to include a few discover cards in there as well.

  34. We have had three new arts for Lord of Atlantis lately. Why doesn't Master of the Pearl Trident get any love?

  35. It’s great! Like you said, cascade is only cast and fixed to the spell’s cmc. Discover X Opens so many things

  36. I think Discover rules, my favorite part is being able to put cards into your hand instead of casting them immediately. Way more valuable for Control in particular

  37. It's similar to the way that toxic fixes infect

  38. IMO Discover is pretty lame. I don't like when the release weaker version of existing mechanics. The cat's out of the bag. I don't want to fucking use ward when hexproof exists.

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