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Why I’m buying Elite Wild Cards today

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  1. How do u even concert wild cards to elite wild cards?

  2. Brawl stars is way better than clash royal because it's not pay to win lmao😂😂😂

  3. This is why I don’t play clash royal anymore I just watch oj play broken decks

  4. Can I please join your clan my supercell is sup

  5. Bro how i turn my Joker in Elite Wild Cards?

  6. Why can't I convert my common and rare wild cards?

  7. I Quit This Game Many Many Months Ago Maybe Even A Year And Seeing The State Of The Game Now Im Happy I Did I Think Supercell Just Wants This Game To Die Like They Are Shooting Themselves In The Foot Every Single Millisecond

  8. Idek what these guys are on at this point must be some next level stuff cause NOTHING IS MAKING ANY SENSE

  9. This game is getting worse and worse, I swear this game will die if they continue this nonsense

  10. At this point i'm 100% convinced they're trying to kill the game

  11. Used to be max but then level 14 dropped so I was angry then level 15 came ridiculous

  12. They're acting dumber than niantic rn 💀

  13. Oh, someone asked that in twitter, the literal response, im nkt making this up, is that "itd be eaiser to gwt elite wild cards." They arent even trying to hide it at the point.

  14. We can't juat convert wild cards….wtf

  15. My names Dawson so I feel called out despite it not being me

  16. wait so youre telling me i converted 20 legendary and 11 champion wild cards FOR NOTHING?!

  17. Why you post the videos 1 month later you recorded them ???????

  18. That’s cool. I’m downloading boom arena and uninstalling clash royale, which I think is a more valuable decision

  19. The fact people are still holding on to this game and dont just deinstall and let it die is insane 😂

  20. see if they did that the it wouldn’t be very cash money of them

  21. How do you convert? Is that a thing yet

  22. idk even know what’s going on, i’m playing the game not worrying about the shit storm in the horizon


  24. this is dumb, they should just add a new level

  25. i cant even do that
    because im not level 14

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