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Why is YuGiOh SO Much Faster than Other Card Games | Yu-Gi-Oh TCG

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YuGiOh just seems to get faster and faster as time goes on, but why is that?


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  1. Because YuGiOh is completely imbalanced. YuGiOh's only resource is card advantage, which is the reason why cards like pot of greed are banned

  2. Magic can do some similar stuff but it requires some of the most busted cards that aren't legal in most formats and a very narrow deck strategy that folds to the right removal

  3. There is one difference: There's no default costs, only requeriments.

  4. Not just that, but because "costs" of cards seem to become a benefit when you run the archetype. So instead of giving something up for setup, youre trading setup for setup. Then you run with efficiency and that just keeps you snowballing.

    I have been out of the game since Yang Zings, so that's just my understanding.

  5. Hard once per turns and 1 normal summon is about as close as it gets to a resource system. Too bad it doesn’t even matter anymore.

  6. Wonder how people would feel if a new master rule introduced a resource system into the game

  7. bro:"Why is yugioh so much faster than every other game"
    Meanwhile yugioh players waiting 10 minutes for a turn to end while in magic or other card games you get in that time 10 rounds.

  8. Playing online games is so annoying too because they try to make players use new or limited decks for events and a lot of cards come up that maybe you haven’t played with much but because of all the auto prompts the game basically plays itself and you’re just watching the outcome for or against you!

  9. I remember I went to a tournament with my deck. My deck was all about getting me to the lowest amount of life points possible and them to over 10'000 something life points and then playing self destruct button. It was utter Chaos when they mad rankings because everyone who faced me would tie with me. Let's just say the judges hated me and 5 people were tied for first

  10. The only resource in modern yugioh is how many cards you can mill/banish

  11. And this is the reason why I don't play modern yugioh. And also powercreep.
    Although with a resource system or not, powercreep gets its hands on any tcg if it wanted to.

  12. It's getting faster and faster…

    Meanwhile, my opponent is playing their whole deck and taking 30 minutes in a 3-minute per round match…

  13. I do feel that you're a bit wrong in saying it's "Faster". Yes, we do play less turns, but turns last much longer and there is a lot more done per turn. I've had a game that was "only" 5 turns, but took an hour

  14. Well there kinda is and isn’t depending on how you look at it monsters and life points are pretty much the resource

  15. It would still be fine if every card didn't replace itself or allowed for a million special summons.

  16. Yugioh is a bad game. As someone who played it for over 6 years it’s gotten nothing but worse

  17. Can't wait for the moment when YuGiOh reaches the point where if you have to wait for your turn to play all your combos, it's not a viable deck; if you can't win 1st turn, when your opponent goes first, it's too slow

  18. Konami doesn't care tbh. Lazy cards and effects trying to counter the last.

  19. it used to have a resource system it was called normal summoning once per turn. having the ability to special summon as much as you want completely killed the game because it allows players to play their entire deck in one turn

  20. I'd honestly really like if an OG style of yugioh came back. Duel links was pretty good, until it eventually caught up with modern cards and power creep.

  21. I mean… mtg still can consistently hit turn 0-2 wins 2 being a long game.

  22. My first game back to yugioh my opponent did a literal 17 minute turn i lost. So i wouldnt call it fast

  23. yugioh is a mess of a card game, the fact that you can create legal decks that have no counter play if you get particular first hands is just poor design

  24. Power creep also plays a role. The OG game didnt have close to the amount of ways to special summon. Special summoning was "special" and not the norm.

  25. Yugioh is not getting faster and faster. Maybe for the people who know what all the cards do. But hell no its not! You got college essays on every card now! Plus you have to read that essay in order to bring out a card that in turn will bring out another card which will then activate some effect plus then do a link summon followed by an xyz and top it with a synchro then activate a spell card that does more effects which discard cards to bring out more cards or activate graveyard effects all in one fuckn turn

  26. It may take less turns but they still take 20 to 30 minutes if they're a combo deck

  27. Also, other TCGs have formats, that is important I think.

  28. Yugioh got stupid. And this is coming from s very old fan. Thats why uts vecane garbage compared to what it use to be. There is no fun just s deck speed run

  29. The resource is that most effects of most cards can only be used once per turn, so if it gets interrupted or used suboptimally it's really detrimental to your momentum and ending board

  30. Thumbs down for the coldest take of all time no shit dude thanks for wasteing my time

  31. To be fair, when you can chain, link and every other summon 1/4 of your deck to the point where you completely shut down your opponents entire board where they can't play a single card and they haven't even had their first turn yet….ya, that'll be a quick game.

  32. It only takes one turn of 45 minutes summoning monsters over and over 😂

  33. Because the game is fundamentally broken and will 100% be the first of the big 3 (MTG, Pokémon, and YGO) to fail as a game. At least in the west

  34. No the game has been mismanagement to hell and back and the power creep has made the game faster and faster.

  35. Just play keyforge. It also has no resource system, but is still a swingy game where no two decks are the same

  36. Nah wanna make the game take forever run a Inspector Boarder deck that’s what I use I love to watch the life in the persons eyes fade as they draw their last card and I still have 28 left

  37. Honestly, the way Yu-Gi-Oh is played, the words "I end my turn" should honestly be replaced by "I concede" in the rules.

  38. It's a broken game. In the current Meta, usually wins who starts first, in 1 turn.
    No fun at all.

  39. Nahhhh it's actually taking longer because people think they need to go full combo on a person for 4 minutes straight on a person who only has one set face down monster on the field…

  40. Yu-Gi-Oh had resource system and its entire gameplay style was built around it. Yu-Gi-Oh has been so dramatically bastardized in terms of its original gameplay concept that it's now this disgusting monster with 16 minute turns that end in two to four turns tops.

  41. That’s why you play Edison format. More skill less bullshit.

  42. Yugioh is cool because a midrange deck is the draw phase of t2. If you draw the out, you win, if not you “play” until you realize you’ve wasted too much time to go to game 3.

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