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Why Tails is Important Ft. Chaomix – A Character Analysis of Tails Ahead of Sonic Movie 2

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Is anybody else SICK of the “Sonic the Hedgehog’s stupid friends” narrative? Well, among the many characters in the series who have suffered terribly from this ridiculous false narrative, it’s everyone’s favorite fox boy, Miles Tails Prower! Games media and series detractors have been attempting to gaslight us for well over a decade now that Sonic’s friends have done nothing but hold the series back. With some “journalists” even going as far as trying to say the Sonic Series itself was NEVER good! Well I’m here to confirm that is complete and total nonsense! And what better way to make my argument, than a YouTube series going into insane detail on why each and every supporting Sonic character is important to the series?!

Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Metal Sonic, Gamma, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, E123 Omega, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Dr Eggman, and the star of this video, Miles Tails Prower, were all important characters. Crucial to the series, and, the deeper Shonen style stories from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, that fans are desperate to see make a return!

Of course, there are many more than the ones I’ve just mentioned, and we will get to ALL of them in time! But for now, let’s take a trip to West Side Island and check in on everyone’s favorite fur genius, Tails! With Sonic Prime and Sonic Frontiers just around the corner, let’s first go back to a place and time where everything was perfect. And, bash on some terrible Tails takes along the way! Tails looks to be done justice in Sonic Movie 2. So let’s analyze how that ties in to the games series.

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  1. I feel like that Tails after Sonic Adventure 2 got killed an by alternate version of him off screen (yup this is a silly Mandela Catalogue reference lol) who is very jealous of his bravery and courage. Therefore, he wants to replace him, but that alternate is still as weak and coward as pre-Sonic Adventure Tails, which would be the only head-cannon explanation that makes sense to me at least lol.

  2. A lot of people seem to forget that Tails's first game he debuted in was Sonic 2 Master System, not the Genesis version.

  3. To me Tails is my favorite character because I think of him as someone who is trying to be his own person and what I love about his character is him growing up from becoming someone who is that sidekick and for him to become his own person like and to become his own hero 💛 Let's just hope that Frontiers can give us a taste of what he can do moving forward 😊

  4. A smart character is only as smart as the person writing them… So Tail's "intelligence" in the modern games really says a lot.

  5. just now realized I'm not subscribed for some reason

  6. Tails is one of my favorite characters in the Sonic franchise. It hurts my soul to see him flanderized in the Meta era.

  7. You forgot tails'appearance in shadow the hedgehog

  8. It's interesting seeing this series for the first time, having just come off of Frontiers. I don't really have questions or counter-arguments just yet, but it gets me thinking…

  9. Oh good. I'm not the only one that has been upset about the treatment of Tail in the games these past years.

  10. I love tails as a kid and I think the best portrayal of him was in sonic x that I grew up watching it.

  11. It's honestly a sin that Tails is always sidelined in favor of Knuckles and Shadow and sometimes even Amy depending on the TV show.

  12. 16:31 it's not corny or overthinking at all. That's LITERALLY the entire point of Tails's arc in SA1 and SA2 to embrace what makes you special and make that become your strength

  13. 1:06 Seeing the transition from Unleashed to SA1 felt like a whiplash because I never quite fully grasped the concept of just how different Tails' character REALLY was between both games, yikes… 😬 Poor kid, man…Eyyy, Chaomix! Oh boy, I sure understand the little kid thing, I was that kid; but just to characters like Sonic, not real-life people 😅 Unsurprisingly, Tails inspired me to… try and be myself. It's a daily struggle, lemme tell ya… I am still in the stage of where Tails is, kinda. I haven't had my time to shine like he did at the end of his story in SA1.Protégé is the PERFECT word for Tails, omg! Stealing it! Also, side note, I don't know how to describe it but one of the cuter details I LOVE about Tails is the movement of his namesake. The way they independently move (or sometimes move in unison) is just… chef's kiss I know it's silly but I always found it be a mesmerizing animation, even since I was young. He's the only character with such a trait, as far as I am aware.Can't watch the full video now but I'mma try to this week or next! ☺️

  14. You should try reading the idw sonic comics. Ian Flynn has written the characters really well and you might enjoy and also I feel like you were a bit too harsh on colors tails.

  15. I dissagree about Heroes. I dont see tails in that way. see Sonic heroes is a game about Teamwork (Very corny i know). But this game gives me a vibe that Sonic Tails And Knuckles the three of them all working together as equals to me this is not Tails being a Sidekick this is him working side by side with Sonic as a peer. There is a line in the japanease version (Not sure it in the english version) Where Sonic says "Its covered by dark clouds now You think you can handle this Tails?" Then Tails say this "Im not scared … Much" Like yes he is scared of ligtning but hes grown and he is brave enough now to push past that and keep going. I think it great.

  16. 25:46 isn't he trying to use his translator to get additional information from Yacker and the other wisps

  17. After playing the Adventure games for the first time recently, it made me realise just how much they did Tails (among other characters) dirty. It sucks cause there was some really great writing and its been thrown away for these jokes and sideline roles in the Meta era. If Tails plays a role in Frontiers, I hope Ian Flynn restores his character cause I actually quite like how he's written in the IDW comics. You and Chaomix did a great video on this honestly!

  18. I feel like skipping Shadow The Hedgehog 2005 is a bit of mistake when it comes to Tails.

    He basically beats Shadow twice.

    Single-handedly taking down an Eggmanland even if Shadow successfully protects it from GUN. Then saving The President with a deception even if Shadow tries to kill them.

  19. 28:16 thats actually true on how they treat tails from saga. Official concept art of an inventor in sonic boom was scraped because saga said the only two inventors allowed are dr robonic and tails

  20. Writers can do whatever they want with Tails? What about the mandates?

  21. It’s honestly sad Tails hasn’t been having as much development in the recent games. I’ve seen people try to defend him in newer games but they never give anything other than just claiming people are being whiny or whatever -_-
    I still have hope in the future we’ll get that glory back! I’m begging Frontiers to not screw up.

  22. 5:56 that's not what Robin's purpose within batman stories is suppose to be.

  23. Counterargument: Tails needs to bring Sonic to locations in Unleashed because the Earth shattered. He's vital.

  24. Not many people know this, but Tails is the one who created the spin dash.

  25. Honestly, I think Tails cowardliness in Unleashed was pretty justified. The guy was outnumbered by dark creatures he hasn't seen before, with no tech to help him no less. And these creatures not only outnumbered him, but also likely outweighs him as well.

  26. Weird it says I've watched this vid but I have never watched it maybe I was drunk or something (jk I don't drink)

  27. Do you have hope and positive expectations for the future of sonic? With new things cominc out such as sonic prime and also sonic frontiers and even the msot recent sonic comic the IDW. What are your hopes about them ?

  28. Is it only me or Ace Card's voice is out of this world?

  29. I swear the ending of Sonic 2(the video Game) was just so emotional. It was the first example of how important Sonic’s friends are to him. Tails Saving Sonic was such a great moment and added more to 2’s narrative compared to the first classic game(not trying to diss The first classic game tho)

  30. He's the reason why we no longer have to put up with the two worlds theory

  31. Ah tails outside of shadow he’s truly the one of the character that suffer in meta era

  32. Hey there it's me omega I haven't watched a video in a while but I've recently caught myself up this one should be good.

  33. Tails is a wonderful friend to sonic from sonic 2 the classic game and he has grown for 30 years and I'm going to love tails in sonic movie 2 and Colleen is a wonderful person to be the voice of tails!🦊💙🎮😁

  34. Hot take tails is worst in heroes than in the 2010s and no I will not call it the “meta era” because it’s a stupid term.

  35. I love tails and he has come a long way since the video games, the sonic animated series and now in sonic movie 2 so I'm excited to see tails and colleen is outstanding as the voice for tails and he really can fly with his 2 tails and the red tornado!

  36. som thing i need to clarify any way is that about that statment you said that sonic adventure has a crisis in which tails might not proven to be a worthy side kick to sonic , i have to say that i disagree with you taht tails see him self this way , or even look at him self as being a side kick to sonic , come to think about that , in japanese manuel of sonic 2 , it is mentioned that tails was bullied for his two tails and was amazed by sonic that he ended up following him , not to mention that if you think about that , tails probably just follwoed sonic for specific reasons such as that he want to help those in need of help and with sonic , not only did he ended up helping sonic through out his fight against robot nik in west side island but they become freinds , in sonic adventure him going out of his way to help sonic , putting him self together after his tornado was damaged to find sonic and help him arrive to egg carrier to face off against eggman , realizing that he can't rely on sonic for ever when it comes to facing against eggman , all show a powerful aspect of his character that is probably why he follwoed sonic many times before , that he want to help people in need , that it's not about proving his worth as a side kick to sonic since that's not actual reason why he is always by sonic's side every time eggman has an evil plan to accomplish , and it's rather such a special personality treat that no matter how tails is treated in any game , it makes him stand out so much than any other chartacter in this series no matter how over shadowed he become

  37. als one more thing that i want to say that in sonic lost world , while it is out of place that tails was jealous of eggman but saying that he over come this type of insecure none sense is some thing i don't agree at all since tails never really had this kind of characteristic at all , no game had ever shown him being jealous of any one and to me , it's just an out of place thing for his character that should not have been added to his character because it do not work at all with who he is , any way that is all i have to say and thank you for this video

  38. Tails is awesome and he is very smart and he shows that he is a loyal and true friend to sonic and he is important so I'm happy to see tails in sonic movie 2 and colleen is the best voice for tails!

  39. Nice video!

    I actually like Tails’s portrayal in the Wisp Era (2010s) Sonic games except Sonic Forces.

    He is a narrative compass, but he plays the role well and manages to make meaningful plot progression happen, especially in Sonic Colors where he was the reason Yacker could communicate with Sonic at all.

    My favorite part of Wisp Era Tails was his relationship with Sonic.

    There is a lot of brotherly familiarity in how they interact with each other, acting more like partners than hero and sidekick.

    (if only Sonic actually let Tails help him tho)

  40. Tails is tied with Amy as my favorite Sonic character and held a special place to me as one of few video game characters I became interested in as a kid. I always saw his initial characterization as something any kid could follow, he could always keep along for the ride mixed with his mechanical skills, which was always represented through gameplay. I always liked the fact his Tail spinning resembled a spinning propeller, complimenting his skills as a pilot. I always felt Tails and Amy served similar roles in their earlier years, but with different characters and execution, both start out as the inexperienced newbies learning through their experiences with Sonic to develop themselves as people. Tails had skills he could use and knew how to help benefit Sonic and perfectly contrasted with him, while Amy starts off as the normal one with no skill that she had to develop on her own. Whereas Tails already had the skills, his interaction with Sonic was all he needed to PROVE that fact and he used to develop better.

    When it comes to Sonic Adventure, I liked how his first scene is him testing his plane, showcasing how much time he spends getting better with his skills. Unlike later eras I appreciated how Tails was allowed to mess up or show insecurities about himself. Adventure 2 is by far where Tails peaked the most, I love how the game showed his equality toward Eggman's mechanical skill level and how even when Sonic is locked up Tails is already in action, ready to break Sonic out without even a say so or relying on Sonic's okay. He even stops by to save Amy, which proved he is capable of saving people the same way Sonic could. I always took the same lesson you guys described for Tails narrative arc the same way.

    Heroes did plant the seeds for a decline, as he had a more childish attitude. But he was skill capable enough to tagalong the adventure and is an active player in help stopping Metal Overlord. For me, and I'll say it again afterwards Tails just regresses only further after I'd say Shadow (the game) he's only there just to be Sonic's info guy and maybe throw some tech in. Sure he participates on the adventure, but to me the narrative focus to other characters kinda overshadowed his importance (as well as other characters) which was always my issue when it came to the games post Heroes around that time, while they exceled at developing particular characters, it came at the expense of other characters, while the writers just threw them in there with a few personality traits (often inconsistent) just to have them by necessity and to me I never liked that. And sure Tails doing something to benefit the mission is FAR better than him being just a techno babble who provides exposition and is religated to sidelines guy. But to me his character and utility in gameplay should always be had and hand with each other, Tails gameplay in SA1 compliments his story arc, Tails gameplay in SA2 compliments his arc looking past the surface. Sure he's playable in Heroes and 06, but that's it. His character is just a tagalong otherwise who might provide tech support when his time onscreen is presented. The in Unleashed he just gets cemented to who he is now, his first introduction is him cowering to Gaia monsters.

    And some might say "We he's never seen them before" you could apply the same to Chaos, but Tails was right there with Sonic. the 2010's era would just make him more passive to where in Sonic Lost World he gets taken out by a Badnik A BADNIK to the point Sonic has to grab him out of their gunfire. In Forces Tails was shown to be less valuable on the battlefield than Charmy Bee! You might as well have just replaced him with a Princess in another castle. In the scene where all the cast fights the Phantom Ruby illusions (hiiariously bad mind you) all of them are shown to use their abilities to take them out. Knuckles with punching, Shadow's combat, Silver with psychic powers, the Chaotix and their skills, Rouge's kickboxing, Amy with her Hammer, Omega shoots one, what does Tails do? He flies behind the rest of the group! PATHETIC! #NotmyTails

  41. Not sure if I agree with everything but I respect your opinion.

  42. Despite Tails not being one of my favourite characters, I really respect his (very important) role in the franchise as you said: "He is not a sidekick, but a protégé". I really agree with this term because I never liked Tails as a "Robin-typical sidekick".
    I always loved how his independence journey flourish beautifully in the Adventure games and I would like it to continue in Frontiers and future titles.
    Anyways, great video!

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