WILD CARD WALK-OFF! Chris Taylor homers to send the Dodgers to the NLDS! - finalbosscardgame.com

WILD CARD WALK-OFF! Chris Taylor homers to send the Dodgers to the NLDS!

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Chris Taylor came up huge for the Dodgers in the bottom of the 9th of the NL Wild Card Game, sending them to the NLDS.

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  1. Glad we getting him back gonna be an all time Dodger Great!

  2. Hope he gets more at bats next year getting paid $15 million a year.

  3. Seems like the wild card game always delivers. The Pirates fans getting under Cuetos skin, Edwin Encarnacions walk off, that crazy DBacks/Rockies game. The wild card game is one semi recent change I have really enjoyed

  4. This was a great and exciting win! The best thing about this is that the Dodgers went on to beat the Giants in the NLDS in an exciting series. Unfortunately, the magic didn't last and their season ended in the NLCS against the Braves – a team who won 18 less than the Dodgers in the regular season. It just goes to show that, in order to win the WS, a team does not need to be the best team in the postseason, but the one that gets hot – and lucky – at the right time of year.

  5. Flew from Austin for this game and I keep getting to relive this amazing CT3 AB. One for the story books.

  6. When they throw up their helmets like that, isn’t it dangerous when it lands on someones head?

  7. I watch this at least once a week lol. I miss our boys in blue !!!💙💙💙

  8. there manager is always in that position

  9. I was literally crying with joy when I saw this

  10. I love this team. So much heart and fight! Go Dodgers!

  11. I don’t know if he actually played but Albert Pujols beat his old team


  13. 日本のプロ野球とまた違った盛り上がりやなーさすがメジャー 雰囲気エグすぎ

  14. Robert Horry's game winning 3, Alec Martinez's game winning goal in the Stanley Cup finals, Kirk Gibson's walk off homerun in the 88 World series, This moment is right up there with all those legendary LA sports moments.

  15. After Ozzie Smith, Jack Clark, Matt Adams, et al over the years, it was great to finally get the big hit and send the Cardinals off instead of the other way around. For it to be a walkoff was even sweeter.

  16. I was listening to this game on the radio 📻 at IN-N-OUT BURGER.

  17. This moment is unforgettable and to be their was just even better

  18. Can't have you thinking photo means anything to me,just reminds me what u missed out on.

  19. Turns out he had bone chips in his elbow when he pulled this off. 👀

  20. Legend says Chris Taylor's helmet is still up there somewhere with Prince's guitar

  21. Something about Reyes and getting walk offs hit off of him

  22. I NEVER get tired seeing this home run over and over!!!!

  23. Dodgers should have kept Joe Kelly. Just look at him, he is full of energy and a great guy to have on your side and great for the clubhouse.

  24. I was there and nobody can take that from me


  26. I was there and it was super duper amazing night game I've ever watched. it's been already 7months but still can't forget about it.


  28. i’ll never forget being here to see this in person with my dad, electrifying

  29. I want to go into the Cardinals’ dugout and give everyone there a hug.

  30. I was waiting for a connecting flight back home and saw it happen ten minutes before boarding…timing is everything!!!

  31. I was at work watching on my phone going absolutely nuts

  32. CT3 the secret weapon in my eyes. Can't wait to be at your bobblehead night come July 5!!

  33. The 2021 Dodgers are the best Wild Card team in history! We may never see a team in the Wild Card again that won 106 games!

  34. Call me what ever you want. This moment makes me tear up every time I see it 😂

  35. Taylor has been my favorite Dodger. An amazing utility player. Great hitter. I remember he was struggling so bad with at bats. When he got up for this moment I kept saying “he’s got this, he’s got this, this is his moment!”

    I never jumped so high in my life when I saw this. He got it done when they needed it. I love all the Dodgers but this man right here will always be my boy!
    Thank you for everything Chris. I’m so happy the Dodgers kept him this year!

    Let’s Go Dodgers!!!

  36. every time i watch this i get so nervous as if i don’t know exactly what’s about to happen 😂

  37. aaaaaaaaaaa ,walk off home run, Chris Taylor my favorite player

  38. Took my dad to this game. I still get the chills watching this here!! LFG!!!!!

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