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Wildfrost: An Increasingly Insane Roguelike Card Game

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The longer we play the more cards we get. Things get way out of hand

Thank you so much to the devs for giving me early access to Wildfrost. You can wishlist the game on Steam here, and it releases April 12th. I’m not sponsored in any capacity, the devs were just really nice to me with this and I want to support them:

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  1. Im gonna say maaaybe Soulbound shouldn't be able to be applied to your leader, at least not randomly. Considering that just guarantees a loss.

  2. This is the third night in a row I've put this video on. I hope I don't fall asleep again

  3. 35:51 ok but seriously what is the play with this card, its god awful solely because it can target your hero.

  4. You know RTGame? They called him “the Snowdrift King” back in college.

  5. Whoever is making these roguelike card games, please stop spoiling me…

    NAH, keep them coming! 😊

  6. Been waiting for this game for a while. Its even better then what I expected from the demo.

  7. @RTGame if you like this game try Inscryption its basically a psych horror version of this

  8. such a good game, steam reviews do not do it justice 🙁

  9. As someone who was convinced to buy wildfrost cuz of this video. The title “Increasingly insane” perfectly fits this game.

  10. This game looks like so much fun! Definitely going to try it out.

  11. this game is great but i softlocked the final boss because i gave it recycle 1 😀

  12. Hey RT, have you played Monster Train? Might be up your alley if you like games like this :>

  13. Since RT seems to enjoy rogue like and card game I think he might actually enjoy a lot Inscryption

  14. 32:00 reading is not a strong suit of gamers, it seems, holy shit.
    The tooltip literally says reactions and not a single person i've found yet has caught on immediately, despite this being one of the most clear mechanics that it tells you but doesn't handhold you through.

  15. I think they should include an indicator that shows where your guy will move when a shadow copy is made. As that seemed unclear

  16. spice + death double damage thing would go crazy

  17. Does Daniel just construct metas around a card as soon as it takes its first turn? How does he get it all to work so well, like seriously.

  18. I really like how easy this game is to pick up but tricky to be consistently good at.

  19. I should have watched this sooner, this game looks really fun.

  20. From what I can see, this game is all about deck dynamics, combo stacking, and how well your attention span is. Especially concerning the sacrifice summoner deck because it can be extremely powerful in the right hands but you need exceptional planning to pull that off correctly.

  21. Lots like Slay the Spire, but has its own unique play styles 😛
    Hopefully RT gets some really OP build down the line lol.

  22. Big Berry is the best looking character I've ever seen in a card game. Just sublime artwork.

  23. So it's another Slay the Dublin Spire, got it

  24. So many little creatures that are just… baby. Like snoof. I love snoof.

  25. Beated a run with the summons. Really busted you can just make a meatshield with your 2 summons and add a couple of synergy and I breeze past the run final boss

  26. Just got thegame and have only played for like 40 min or so. I loved Slay the Spire, maxed out all characters to 20 in that game. Had a blast. However what I'm finding hard with Wildfrost is the choice of graphics. I understand what they are going for but it would be so much more appealing to me if it the graphic style was different. Going to try and give it a shot but the "kid style" graphics is not for me.

  27. Watching RT become the VOC is always funny

  28. Got the game because it looked good in the video 👍

  29. Thanks again to Will (the game dev) for giving me early access to Wildfrost! I'm not sponsored in any capacity, but I want to support the game regardless as it's proper fun, and Will is a sound lad. You can wishlist it on Steam here, and it releases April 12th https://store.steampowered.com/app/1811990/Wildfrost/

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